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The new restaurant in Villa Panza, which is owned by the Italian Environmental Fund, FAI, will open to the public on 1 December. Chef Matteo Pisciotta’s “brigade” are bringing his creative cuisine to the hill.

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Tthe set tableIt will not be a simple restaurant, because when Chef Matteo Pisciotta is involved, creativity also comes to the kitchen, and everything changes look. Light is the new name of the new restaurant opening in Villa Panza on Tuesday 1st December, after two years of restoration carried out, under artistic guidance of the architect Gae Aulenti, by the Studio Brusa Pasquè.

In a wonderful Villa, known throughout the world for its contemporary art collection, put together by Count Giuseppe Panza, truly one of a kind, any restaurant would also have to be one of a kind; in its introduction, Light seeks to be “A vegetable and fruit garden, fifty places, a table in the kitchen in contact with the “brigade de cuisine”, a conservatory for spring and summer dinners, an enchanting park,” says Chef Matteo Pisciotta. “A versatile restaurant, informal, but at the same time elegant. Andrea, my “sous chef”, and I have the honour of cooking for you in the most beautiful Villa in Varese.”

The restaurant covers 300 m2, entirely dedicated to the catering, with a light bar, a new, open-plan kitchen, two spacious rooms where you can enjoy dishes prepared with ingredients from the Villa’s vegetable and fruit gardens. The kitchen will be open 365 days a year, and, on Thursday and Saturday, it will also be open from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. to serve spaghetti with garlic, oil, and chilli pepper, or with tomato and basil, two great traditional classics.

In addition to the new evening menu, the restaurant offers a new bistro service for lunch, not only for visitors to the museum, but also for a quick lunch break.

The more curious clients will be allowed to taste foods in the kitchen, where there is a gallery with a glass floor, where guests can sit and eat, and watch the dishes being made.

From April to September, Light will also open the conservatory, where tables for couples will be placed amid the cultivated flowers and gardens. At summer weekends, guests can enjoy a picnic on the grass.

The Light Restaurant is part of Gruppo Pappafood, a company present in Italy, the United States, and Switzerland, in the high-quality restaurant sector.

Pubblicato il 30 novembre 2009
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Galleria fotografica

Ristorante Villa Panza 4 di 12


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