A “luxury” Garibaldi on exhibition in Ville Ponti.

Gianenrico Ossola, a goldsmith from Comerio, tells how he produced his work of art, which he is taking to the Artistic Craft Fair, on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October.

It is a “luxury” Garibaldi. An Italian flag in his hands, and a silver-maned horse to be broken in. Gianenrico Ossola is bringing a work that pays homage to Italy, to “Art-Art”, the Artistic Craft Fair in Varese, which takes place on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October in the Ville Ponti Conference Centre.

Ossola, a goldsmith for over thirty years, who works in his shop in Comerio, explained, “I’ve taken part in the craft fair every year, and this year, I’ve stuck to the theme that they set us. I’ve created an item of jewellery which is not to be worn, but is, hopefully, original.”

Made with a polished rectangle of silver, as the base, with a satinised plate for the second layer and pieces of gold for the horse and Garibaldi, this work of art is truly unique, and demonstrates the mastery of a true professional. “It took me a week to make, but I already had the designs,” Ossola explains. “I put it together piece by piece; even today, I try to use the old techniques to work the gold and silver. I often use beaten gold because it’s firmer and blends less.”

He has already presented several the works of art at the Fair in Varese, which have been popular with the public. “Using the same technique, I made a football player in a kicking position, and a cyclist.”

The latter work was rewarded with 3800 votes at the Fair, in 2007, and was created for the Cycling World Championships. However, the goldsmith from Comerio does not only make sculptures, but also “jewellery to be worn, and creations that are the result of my ideas or those of the client.”

The appointment, then, is in Ville Ponti. “It’s a great showcase for all craftsmen, not only goldsmiths. There’s a chance to meet and to compare with the other craftsmen but also to present our work to the general public.”

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Pubblicato il 20 ottobre 2011
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