Arcisate-Stabio, 200 jobs lost.

Trade unions are concerned about the situation, after meeting the building company Claudio Salini SpA, who have cancelled the contract after the Italian railway network failed to respect the economic plan.

“No plan to revitalise the village, by any means; building of the Arcisate-Stabio line has come to a standstill due to a lack of money, and 200 workers are in danger of losing their jobs. What is more, the Valle Ceresio has been left in a state of chaos.” The construction unions (FENEAL UIL, FILCA CISL, FILLEA CGIL) are concerned about the destiny of the workers on the stretch of railway.

This concern arose after the meeting, on 17 October, with the company Claudio Salini SpA, which was held to deal with the problems related to the building of the Arcisate-Stabio line, on the Italian side.

In a note, the three trade unions wrote, “They have told us that, due to a failure, on the part of the customer, RFI (the company that manages the rail tracks) to respect the economic plan, and to problems that relate to the disposal of the inert materials, Claudio Salini have cancelled the contract and stopped the building work. The workmen will continue to be employed only until the end of the month, until the building site has been safe, and then … no longer.”

If this is all confirmed, it will lead not only to the loss of 200 jobs of the people currently employed on the site, but it will also create a very sad situation for the inhabitants of Val Ceresio, who have had to suffer the inconveniences caused by the work.

This stretch of railway represents a project that for decades has been called for by the people who live in this area to improve the rail links between the North of Europe and Lombardy (and in particular with Malpensa Airport), for which the Prodi government had finally allocated the necessary funds.

“We’re not convinced by how the people involved keep passing the buck,” the trade unions concluded. “There’s going to be a meeting, on Thursday, with the people who work on the site, and as trade unions, we can already state that we intend to do all we can to prevent yet another negative episode from affecting employment and the local area. We’ll continue to look for a solution so that nobody is laid off, and at the same time, we’ll support every initiative to get the work going again.”

Pubblicato il 20 ottobre 2011
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