Miguel Angel Magnoni, “the other” bomber from Reconquista

Verbano's striker, who first played for Newell's Old Boys and Boca, was born in the same city of Batistuta. And he wants to get Besozzo higher and higher.

An exquisite technique, a magical left foot, and an innate sense of the goal. This is Miguel Angel Magnoni, Verbano’s striker who was born in 1981, and who is trying to avoid relegation for Besozzo after an unlucky season, influenced by two long and frustrating injuries.
The Gaucho (in the pictures of Fabio Pizzo / Verbano Calcio), however, does not give up that easily: "I’m happy I got back into the team and I can give my contribution to Verbano for this league finale. First my back, then my calf kept me away from the field, but these are the risks of the job; now it looks like everything’s back to normal. We still don’t have the mathematical certainty of staying in Serie D, but I believe that with 4 or 5 more points we can deservedly avoid relegation."
The striker from Argentina thinks back over the team’s season, which started in a positive way but then went downhill despite the – too hasty – discharge of coach Fiorenzo Roncari: "I believe that we didn’t have enough awareness of our abilities. The least happy period started when we lost two or three matches in a row, taking a goal in the final minutes; maybe this influenced us also from a mental point of view. After these abrupt stops, we had a drop in our strength, a strength that we’ve luckily found again in this period, right in time for facing the final matches at our best."
Behind the Gaucho is a long career, marked by many links since the first kicks, like Magnoni himself explains: "I was born in Reconquista (where even Gabriel Omar Batistuta was born ed), but when I was young I moved to Rosario to play in the youth team of Newell’s Old Boys, before moving to Boca Juniors. In ‘Gialloblu’ I trained with the first team, but played in the league reserves until I arrived in Italy thanks to the Brera, the team from Milan who then aspired to a good stage and to become the third civil formation. Then I played in different teams, including Pro Sesto at the times of C1. But I must say that in my entire career, the best place where I’ve been is the Varese area, first in the Sestese and now in the Verbano; where I haven’t been able to integrate, I haven’t stayed for more than two months (laughs). "
The end of the season is just around the corner, but the Gaucho has already clear ideas for next year: "I’d like to stay in the Verbano. We haven’t talked about it yet, but if you ask me to stay I would accept. I think the team is strong and can do much better than this year. As a newly promoted team it was not easy to face this season but, keeping this rose that I consider very good and adding the awareness that lacked until now, I think we could have our say at high levels”. Provided that the (second) bomber of Reconquista continues to be the idol of the Bombonera, and never mind if it is not the one of Buenos Aires but the one, more spartan, of Besozzo.

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Pubblicato il 11 aprile 2012
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