Railway season tickets on regional services card

The experiment, beginning on 1 May, will involve 16,700 commuters. It will work for Trenord, the rail links and ATM.

In Lombardy, it will be possible to load season tickets for public transport onto the regional services card (RSC), which is already in use, particularly for health services. The experimental beginning, on 1 May, will involve 16,700 commuters in Lombardy, who travel on the Trenord rail network, and on the S5, S6 and S9 rail links (the RFI network), who are currently receiving at home the new RSCs, which they will be able to use to purchase season tickets at the Trenord ticket offices, automatic ticket machines and authorised ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) sellers.

A FIRST IN ITALY – “This experiment is a first in Italy,” said Lombardy Region President, Roberto Formigoni. “Once more, Lombardy is proving to be a pioneer in the technological innovations introduced to benefit the people and the users, and to make the system more efficient. It’s an extremely important innovation, which will gradually be extended to all users of local public transport, and which accompanies the considerable work done, in the last few years, to improve this service, to achieve price integration and to introduce electronic ticketing and more suitable forms of season tickets. In short, it’s good news, at a time when Trenord is celebrating its first year of existence, already with some good, tangible results.”

EFFICIENT MOBILITY – The project, which was illustrated today by regional councillors Raffaele Cattaneo (Infrastructure and Mobility) and Carlo Maccari (Simplification and Computerisation), also allows for the number of users involved to increase to 150,000 by the end of the year, and, from 2013, for extending the distribution of the new card to all transport system season ticket holders,

“What we’re presenting today is a new milestone in the process of making transport more efficient,” said Councillor Cattaneo. “We laid one down a year ago, when we presented Trenord, a second, with the approval of the law reforming local public transport, and today, we are gathering the first tangible result of the new law. The regional services card will simplify the process of purchasing tickets. The aim is to be able to use it throughout Lombardy, on any form of public transport, with an integrated price of only one ticket, which can be loaded online, but also in banks and tobacconists, and not only in stations, as is the case in all of the most advanced countries in the world. In addition to this, there’s the new computer system in the rail link; these changes will all improve the lives of the people of Lombardy, and make the public transport serving commuters increasingly attractive.

EASIER TRAVELLING – “This is good news for everyone,” said Councillor Maccari. “In fact, with this experiment, travelling will become easier and, at the same time, the regional services card will be a tool that can be exploited to support the improvement in services with technology. On this front, Lombardy Region has clear ideas, and is putting them into practice with its digital agenda, the first to be implemented in Italy, and the government called us a few days ago to represent the Region on the committee that is working on these very topics, to relaunch the national economy.

THE FIRST 16,700 USERS – The innovation will be tried out by 12,300 users of Trenord services, whose “Itinero” cards expire in 2012, and by about 4400 current holders of three-monthly and annual season tickets that cover the whole region. Thus, 16,700 people will be able to use the RSCs as personal cards, on which they can load “Lombardy-wide” (“Io viaggio ovunque in Lombardia”), “Varese-wide” (“Io viaggio ovunque in provincia”) and “TrenoMilano” season tickets, as well as all season tickets and blocks of tickets for Trenord trains.

It will also be possible to use the “new” card for all of the traditional functions: personal tax code, health card, and document of identification and for access to various public and private services.

To use all of the RSC services to the full, it is important to ask for a new PIN.

HOW AND WHERE TO LOAD THE SEASON TICKET – During this initial phase, you can load the following tickets onto your RSC:

– Trenord: season tickets (weekly, monthly, annual), 10-ticket blocks;

– “Lombardy-wide” weekly, monthly, three-monthly and annual season tickets;

– “Varese-wide” monthly season tickets;

– “TrenoMilano” monthly season tickets.

So, it will be possible to use the new transport RSC to go through the turnstiles in the stations equipped with the current SBME electronic ticketing system in Milan, throughout the Ferrovia Nord network, and part of the RFI network (S5 – Treviglio-Varese rail link, S6 – Treviglio-Novara rail link, and S13 – Pavia-Milan Bovisa).

To purchase season tickets, just go to the automatic ticket machines, Trenord ticket offices, and authorised ATM sellers.

Renewal is also possible at all Intesa San Paolo cash-points in Lombardy. During the year, new purchasing channels will be added, and will be progressively extended to all lines, which will be indicated on the website www.trenord.it.

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Pubblicato il 30 aprile 2012
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