Farewell to chains. “Only snow tyres”

An amendment to a law decree is being debated in the Senate. From next year, will only winter tyres be permitted? Here is the Police map for anyone who is about to set off.

In the winter, many people want to drive safely, and even today, at the first signs of cold weather, they fit 4 snow tyres to their car. Up to now, there have been two options: snow tyres or chains on board, during the periods established by Italian law.

There is a “but”, however, that, possibly from the next year, could oblige all drivers to purchase a set of snow tyres to tackle the “particularly adverse conditions” of the Italian winter.

An amendment to bill No. 3533, which has been approved by the Senate Committee on Industry, intends to impose the exclusive use of winter tyres in some conditions. The text being discussed today (read the text, point "8.17 Paravia, Ghigo, Spadoni Urbani, Germontani", page 14) establishes that “outside built up areas, in anticipation of snowfall of a certain intensity, winter tyres must be fitted, when it is not possible to guarantee appropriate safety conditions for road traffic or for people, with alternative solutions.”

It is an important order, should the Senate approve the amendment to the law.

If the amendment passes, it is the forces of law and order who will decide the date on which enforcing the obligation to fit winter tyres, which can currently be avoided by carrying two “old” chains in the boot of the car, which can be fitted to the drive wheels, will begin.

Meanwhile, with winter just around the corner, anyone that is about to set off would be advised to consult the map that the State Police Force have produced, to make it clear to motorists how they should behave when driving during the winter months.

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Pubblicato il 10 dicembre 2012
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