Livingston leaves again for Mauritius

The company restarted working eight months ago and now it also operates on long-haul: on Wednesday evening, the first flight for the Indian Ocean island left.

Two Christmas ago it was in very big troubles, now it takes tourists all around the world during their Christmas holidays: Livingston, the seagull airlines company located in Cardano al Campo, restarted working again 8 months ago and today it has added new destinations, among those also Mauritius. The first flight towards the Indian Ocean island left at 5.10 pm on Wednesday from terminal T1  at Milan Malpensa airport, with destination. On board there were 200 passengers and 11 members of the crew.

Carrier sole administrator, Riccardo Toto, took part in the opening ceremony: "In less than nine months of activity, at Livingston already work 260 people” emphasized Toto during the meeting with the journalists. “Today, with the departure of the first long-haul flight, we confirm a further objective, which we aimed at when we decided to launch this enterprise, as well as on-line management tickets sell and flight customization. Others objectives will be reach in a short period of time, with the same enthusiasm of the first day. "Also for Sea, the increase of the destinations by Livingston is a good piece of news: “Great satisfaction for the return of the historian brand Livingston also on long-haul with the departure flight leaving today for the appreciated destination of Mauritius” says Giuseppe Bonomi, president of Milan ports of call management society. Bonomi also reminds us of the programme of flights for the winter season: “others important leisure destinations in Kenya, Tanzania and Mexico."

“We are happy to be here today, together with important partners of tourist industry, in order to sanction the union between the airlines company Livingston and Mauritius and to celebrate the departure of the new direct flight. It is an important step and a reaffirmation of tourism operators’ and Italian travellers’ interest for the destination”, said Massimo Tocchetti, MTPA Italy Regional Manager.  “Italy is a very important market for Mauritius, the fourth at European level, with 52,747 arrivals in 2011. We wish to receive even more passengers in the next few months thanks to the new Livingston flight, which will enable reaching the island in a simpler way and we also wish that this project will successfully go on, creating a direct connection between the two countries."

JN5951 Livingston flight was operated with Airbus A330 aircraft, with 306 seats cabin: 18 in First Class and 288 in Basic Class (18 of which in Comfort Seat).  This first intercontinental Livingston flight was organized in collaboration with the tour operators: Hotelplan, Valtur, Veratour, Phone&Go and Last Minute.

Pubblicato il 20 dicembre 2012
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