Lombardy’s Aerospace District. Over 200 business meetings at Aeromart Toulouse

In the first 9 months of 2012, exports of Lombardy’s aerospace industry grew by 19.5%. Eleven small and medium-sized companies from the region took part in one of this sector’s most important international showcases, dedicated to sub-suppliers.

From €1.02 billion in exports, in the first 9 months of 2011, to almost €1.23 billion registered in the same period of this year; a double-figure growth of 19.5%. These are the foreign trade figures presented by the Lombard Aerospace District a few days ago, at Aeromart Toulouse 2012, the international business convention for the aeronautics and space industries. At the convention, there were 1200 firms, 2300 participants, 42 countries represented, and 1500 meetings. These are the figures of the event in which the Lombard District had its own stand, on which 11 small and medium-sized firms were able to present themselves, in one of the best known events for sub-suppliers in this sector. With B2B (business to business) meetings, Aeromart is a platform on which firms that operate in this sector can exchange and meet, and over the years, it has become an occasion, not to be missed, for networking between manufacturers, suppliers and clusters. It is an occasion in which Lombard District has taken part, with a well tested, winning formula of collective participation, which also allows small and medium-sized firms to benefit from showcases of such global importance. Their participation, however, was not without a contribution from the authorities, in this case, of Lombardy Region, who partially funded the trip with their program of supporting internationalisation of the production system.

“Each year, the goal of the Lombard Aerospace District is to provide the region’s small and medium-sized firms with all of the tools to excel, to be capable also of operating on international markets independently,” said Giorgio Brazzelli. “Participation, by the 11 firms, in Aeromart Toulouse, is an example of an initiative that will help to achieve this goal, where the firms can only participate if they do so in an organised manner, thanks also to their membership of our network.”

The Lombard Aerospace District is now a regular visitor at international trade fairs. The convention in Toulouse is the eighth in the last two years, after the ILA, in Berlin, Le Bourget, in Paris, The Farnborough International Airshow, in Hampshire, near London, The Summit, in Seattle, and The Meeting, in Turin.

In Toulouse alone, Lombard firms took part in almost 200 business meetings. To these, we should add institutional meetings, involving the representatives of the Lombard Aerospace District. Then, there were the meetings with important international clusters, such as Baden Wurttemberg, the French Aerospace Valley, Hamburg Aerospace, Aero Montreal, and the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (the association that brings together the European aerospace districts, which Lombardy is a part of). One particularly important meeting was with a giant in this sector, Bombardier.

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Pubblicato il 13 dicembre 2012
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