Opening of the (shopping) “Centre” in Arese

The doors are opening to the public next Thursday, but today there is the inauguration with the President of Lombardy Maroni. “A dream which came true,” said the patron of Finiper.

il centro commerciale arese

On Wednesday, The Centre, the biggest shopping centre in Italy and the third in Europe has been inaugurated. It is a business project which comes to life from the strategic and long-term vision of Marco Brunelli, the patron of the Group Finiper.

The ribbon was cut in the presence of the patron of Finiper, Marco Brunelli, of the President of the Lombardy region, Roberto Maroni, of Giovanni Rana, Gianfelice Rocca, the patron of Techint, of the former mayor of Milan, Gabriele Albertini, of the mayors of Lainate and Arese and of over thousand employees which are undertaken in this big structure. Tomorrow the doors are opening to the public.

Everything began 20 years ago with the acquisition of an articulated building which is situated in an area full of entrepreneurial history, the historical Alfa Romeo from where some of the most beautiful cars in the history of motoring had been created.

The Centre is quite another thing, it is true, but it has the virtue of having given back dignity to a piece of territory which otherwise it would be only left a multitude of empty warehouses and at the mercy of the decline.

Thanks to the signature of the architect De Lucchi, an iconic, exclusive and incomparable structure was built, whose uniqueness is represented by 3 principal aspects: dimensions, structure and contents.

With its total 120,000 sq.m, it’s the biggest shopping gallery in Italy and among the biggest in Europe, and it winds across 93,000 sq.m of internal spaces (ground floor: 55,000 sq.m.; first floor: 38,000 sq.m.). The Centre, which is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (7 days out of 7, every day of the year), includes more than 200 logos overall of which 20 are dedicated to food service and coffee bars, has more than 6,000 parking spaces available for a welcome with no equal for a potential constituency of users of 13,000,000 people per year. The jobs which have been created vary from source to source: there is someone saying 1,200 and someone talking about more than 2,000.

Marco Brunelli, a 88-year-old man with the energy of a youth, got on the stage of one of the squares (which are 42 and 72 metres) where the inauguration show, presented by a journalist of Radio 24, had been set up: “This is the proof that when everybody believes together in a dream, this comes true.” Maroni announced that this occasion must not be missed because “The Centre would become, together with the Expo’s area, the new big Milan.”

The design project came alive from the inspiration of architects of International experience and reputation such as Michele De Lucchi, who took inspiration from the courts of Lombardy, with which some architects of great value and experience have collaborated with, such as Davide Padoa and Arnaldo Zappa: the results has been the creation of a real city centre. The six courts come in succession creating an harmonious synergy between shopping and the pleasantness of a relaxing promenade: an unique and one in a million experience.

We must not forget, finally, the homage to history. The big external area, indeed, has been  created from the re-cycling of the automotive track of Alfa Romeo, which had been built during 2015 and which, at the moment, is dedicated to the school for safety driving of ACI Vallelunga and other initiatives which gravitate in the automotive world.

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