Piazza San Vittore, a thousand Varese citizens at the ta-ble for solidarity

The initiative is promoted by VareseSolidale for Saturday, 7th May: events during the day for young and old

Varese solidale 2015

It is in full swing the organisation of the day for Saturday, 7th May, culminating in the “Add a meal at the table”, the dinner in the heart of Varese, in Piazza San Vittore.

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The event, in its second edition, this year has the ambitious aim of sitting at the table 1,000 Varese citizens to testify solidarity values with those who find themselves in difficult conditions. The dinner is also the moment of opening of the celebrations for the 200 years of the city and Varese will be the prologue to the next day of the patron San Vittore.

The initiative, proposed by VARESESOLIDALE with the collaboration of the Municipality of Varese and the Community Foundation of Varese, will convert the historic centre of the city into a kind of walkway dedicated to the world of solidarity to learn about the many organisations working in the social field and understanding the spirit of service that inspires so many of our fellow citizens. It will also offer an opportunity for everyone to approach this world that is a major positive component of the society and measures the civic sense of the territory in which we live. The voluntary associations that have already formally given their commitment to the project are already more than fifty, but the number is expected to grow further in the coming days.

The scheduled activities are numerous: in addition to the presentation of the various associations in Corso Matteotti from 11:00 to 18:00, entertainments are planned through the streets of the town centre with street performers, a CHILDREN SPACE with games and races in Piazza Battistero and Piazza Marsala. The day will culminate with the meeting in Piazza San Vittore at 19.30 to ADD A MEAL AT THE TABLE, accompanied by the notes of the duo Unforgettable Duet.

To attend the dinner (the proceeds will be donated to social initiatives with a focus on food destitution problem) one must make sure to have a ticket (cost € 25) that a few days ago was already on sale through the member associations and is also purchasable ( Mondays and Wednesdays from 15:30 to 18:30) at the headquarters of the Monelli Motta Via San Francesco 26, at the bakery Pigionatti (Via Bizzozero 1/3) and in the studio of Umberto Croci (Piazza della Motta 1). Saturday, 30th April and Sunday, 1st May, tickets will be found also in the gazebo set up by VareseSolidale in Piazza Podestà.

For information and reservations: info@varesesolidale.it

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