Living a dream, at the top of the Premier League

Marco Parolo, the Gallarate-born, 25-year-old midfielder, leading Italy’s top league with Cesena, admits, “Beating Milan was great; now it’s the turn of Juventus and Inter.”

Marco ParoloDaydreaming at the top of the Premier League. After three days of matches, Gallarate-born, twenty-five-year-old Marco Parolo can look down on players of the calibre of Ibrahimovic, Totti, Del Piero, and many others. Last year, after a triumphant rise with Cesena (which ended with the decisive goal for the promotion) he moved into the Premier League, and after only 270’, he is up there, with seven points, together with Inter, the champions of everything. His mentor Bisoli (who trained him in Foligno and in Cesena) has gone, but for the new coach, Ficcadenti, Parolo is proving to be an essential piece on the black and white chessboard, having played in all three of the matches so far. Marco Parolo has his head screwed on right; he knows what he wants and how far his team, miraculous Cesena, can go.

First of all, Marco, what’s it like at the top?
“Very nice, I feel really happy. We’re playing great, and we’re getting excellent results; I don’t even feel the tiredness so much.”

What’s the Premier League like after these first matches?
“The initial impact was tough, as our first match was against Roma, at the Olimpico Stadium, not the easiest pitch in the world. It was great, particularly because we took home an extremely important 0-0, and then we got better. I have to say I couldn’t have asked for more; being at the top now is fantastic, although we know it won’t be for long. With 7 points, we’re only 33 short of being safe.”

As a Milan supporter, what was it like winning 2-0 against “the Devil”?
“I’m a fan of AC Milan, but I play with Cesena, and it was great to beat them. Having true idols, like Pirlo and Ambrosini, not to mention Ibramovic and Ronaldinho, on the other team was a huge thrill. Of course, now, I’ll be angry if we don’t win against Juventus and Inter.”

You joined Cesena last year, thanks to Bisoli; now Ficcadenti also holds you in high regard. What differences are there between the two?
“They’ve got different ideas about football, but they’re both great leaders and they know what they want. As a team, we do exactly what our coach tells us, and I have to say that, so far, it’s gone pretty well.”

Last Sunday, what was it like playing against Lecce, and your old friend, Stefano Ferrario?
“It was a really unforgettable game. I’ve known Stefano since the time of the Torino Club; then we shared the experience of the youth matches in Como. Our teams met occasionally in the past, but for one reason or another, we never managed to go up against each other, until Sunday. We chose the best stage to meet up again.”

Finally, what do you expect from this season?
“I hope to continue to get better as a footballer, and to play as many matches as possible. As far as Cesena is concerned, first we have to think about being safe, then anything more is just icing on the cake.”

Pubblicato il 22 settembre 2010
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