Good news for Livingston; rights for Malpensa-Cuba are safe

After the meeting in the Chamber, the commissioner Daniele Discepolo obtained reassurances from ENAC: the routes have not been cancelled, only suspended. Marantelli (Democratic Party): “Thanks to the initiatives to defend the company.”

After so much bad news, at least there is something good for the airline Livingston and for its employees. The commissioner Daniele Discepolo has received reassurances from the civil aviation authority, ENAC, that the flying rights for Malpensa to Cuba are to be considered suspended, and not cancelled, as had initially been announced. This is good news, particularly because the route to the Caribbean island is considered to be one of the most attractive and profitable, one of the strengths on which to count, for the future relaunch of the company. “This result has been achieved also thanks to the initiatives that we adopted, for which the commissioner thanked me,” explained Varese’s Democratic MP Daniele Marantelli, who was contacted by Discepolo a few hours after the meeting in the Chamber of Deputies. This morning, both Marantelli and the Northern League parliamentary group leader, Marco Reguzzoni, asked the government to act immediately at ENAC, to prevent cancellation of the flying rights of the company, which is based in Cardano al Campo. Marantelli added, “I hope this commitment made verbally today to the Commissioner is confirmed tomorrow in writing.”
In any case, the news is positive, given the difficult moment that has been reached. On Friday afternoon, the commissioner Discepolo is going to present the two purchase bids received and the industrial plans to the company’s employees. The company must start operating again in a relatively short while, in order to prevent cancellation, in the middle of April, of the Operating Certificate, which was suspended last 14 October.

Pubblicato il 22 gennaio 2011
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