Devis Mangia: favourite to train the Italian under-21 football team

The Varese ex-technician is among the possible coaches to take over from Ciro Ferrara, who went to train the Sampdoria football team. He denies it: “Up to now only journalists have called me”

Since Ciro Ferrara went to Sampdoria, one of the most sought-after posts of Italian football is free: Italian under-21 team manager. It is a role that has always been held by the best coaches and that, on different occasions, was also the platform for major training: it happened with Bearzot (under-23), Vicini and Maldini.

There are many hypotheses about this post, but the most quoted name at the moment is Devis Mangia, 38-year-old technician from Milan grown up in Varese football team, starting from Berretti team, then with the first team, which went up again to Excellency in C2 and up to 2011, the youth team that almost won the championship. The choice will be made by Arrigo Sacchi, national youth teams’ current coordinator: he will designate Ferrara’s successor and Mangia has always been the favoured young man.

VareseNews got in touch with him: now he is in Coverciano, but this is not a clue for his future: “I’m here because I’m doing my exams for the master that will give me the possibility to get the qualification to train at maximum levels. Today I had my exams and tomorrow I’ll defend my thesis (good luck! – writer’s note): experimentation about the integration between technical-tactical and conditional work.”

When we talk about under-21 national team, Mangia swears: “Only the other journalists and you called me. I haven’t received any summoning or phone call from the Federation and I don’t know anything about this event.” Devis went for the first time to Coverciano when he was in Serie D (top level of the Italian non-professional football association called Lega Nazionale Dilettanti), when he attended the courses for professional coaching. He has never worked for the national team: it would be a special occasion, a dream that can become reality.

At the moment, the Varese ex-coach is still under contract with Zamparini’s Palermo football team, which gave him the possibility to start out in Serie A. He should have led the youth team but he was sent to Stadio Renzo Barbera (previously and still commonly known as Stadio La Favorita – football stadium in Palermo). He only was a “reserve” and Mutti was the coach. Mangia tells us: “This summer I got in touch with many different Serie A and B football teams: from Siena to Novara, from Sassuolo to Padova and Modena, but none offers were concretised. So my current idea is to get the Master and wait, also because I’m under contract.”

Let us see if in Coverciano they will find a room available for him, for the next two years.

Pubblicato il 05 luglio 2012
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