Stilt Walkers and Brazilian women, Bosino Carnival is coming

The party will be followed also by Varesenews live, it will start on Saturday 1st March and, during the week, entertainment for the children and disco for youths are expected. It will culminate with the procession on Saturday 8.

 Bosino Carnival 2014 will start on Saturday 1st March. The traditional event is organized by Bosina Family, in collaboration with the Municipality, Varese Province and the Regional Council of Lombardy. The project was presented yesterday morning to the assessor of Culture Simone Longhini, by the Bosina Family, with Felicita Sottocasa Barlocchi (regiù), Loris Baraldi (Pin Girometta) and the other members, Luca Broggini and Mario Zeni.

The assessor explained: “As usual, it will be first of all a celebration for children. I’d like to thank the Bosina Family, all the volunteers and the oratories coming also from outside the city. The organization machine is complex, as every year. There will be events for children, youths and families. The culmination of the event will be on Saturday 8, with the float procession.”  “Children are the protagonists, also those who are in hardship,” specified the president of the Bosina Family, “that’s why we organized two moments for them at Anaconda and at the hospital, with entertainment.”

The celebration week will start Saturday 1, after the delivery of the keys of the city from the mayor to Bosino the King. The celebration will take place at 3.30 pm at Palazzo Estense, in the marriage hall, after a procession starting from Nord Station. Other events are expected, as “RebelOtt”, a masked party for adults, with free entrance from 8.30 pm on Fat Thursday (6 March), at Hub in Capolago, with music and dj set.

Other dates are ready for Thursday: 1.30 p.m. at the Daytime Centre for Disabled people Anaconda of via Rainoldi, 3 p.m. at the paediatric ward of the hospital “Filippo del Ponte” with the entertainment of “Magia dal Ridere” with BulaBula, for guests, young patients and friends. On Friday 7th March, from 2 p.m., at the ATA Hotel in via Albani, there will be the award ceremony of the “Mascherina Famiglia Bosina”, the entry is free and there will be a children’s masked parade, masked ball and snacks are offered (ATA hotel is reachable by bus with the lines P and B, and there is also ample parking). In addition, Saturday 8th March, floats and allegoric groups will parade in the centre of Varese, Mulled Wine and cotton candies will be provided and also you will find different and tasty “authorised” gastronomic stands.

Brazilian men and women of the Carioca Carnival will open the colourful parade. After them, there will be the Stilt Walkers “I Giullari del 2000”, who at the end of the parade will perform in Repubblica square, and then the first Bosina Family’s float will lead off, followed by masked groups and at the end the real floats.

“Up to now, 12 floats have enrolled, but there’s still time to join. Surely, the winner of the last year, Saltrio, will propose again a new interesting float also on a choreographic level.”, explained Luca Broggini. The itinerary is: via Morosini, XX September Square, via V.Veneto, Corso Moro, Monte Grappa square, via Marcobi and via Sacco. The final speech of the Bosino King will be at 4.30 p.m. in RepubblicaSsquare, with the floats award ceremony, Brazilian dances and the Stilt Walkers show. Varesenews will follow the Bosino Carnival live.

If you want to see your pictures and comments, go on Twitter with the hash tag #carnevaleva. Comments and pictures of the participants will go immediately in our liveblog. At the end of the parade, there will be also a poll to vote the most beautiful float.

Finally, the local police want to remind that, on Saturday 8th March, it is forbidden to sell spray cans; the fines range from 25 to 500 Euros.

Pubblicato il 28 febbraio 2014
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