Varese Europea summons up: let’s promote the Sacred Mounts

The association that launched the project “Anima e corpo” to globally relaunch the 9 sites of Sacred Mounts between Varese and Piedmont, asks the operators to adhere to the initiative

 Yesterday, 19 February, the association Varese Europea presented the coming initiatives about the promotion of the project “Nutrendo Anima e Corpo” relating to the sites in the care of Unesco, and financed by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

The project, named “NAC”, aspires to the touristic promotion of the Sacred Mounts of Varese and Piedmont and was presented last week at the BIT 2014 fair in Rho. As director Arturo Bortoluzzi and President of the association Bruno Pavan explained, the project is based on an efficient network between the 9 sites of Sacred Mounts between Lombardy and Piedmont, and the promotion of typical wine and food products: “We want this artistic heritage to become the emblem of the territory,” said director Bortoluzzi, “it’s a reality exportable all over the world.”

Since the association has been working for the esteem of this heritage, it discovered that there is little promotional material, and, indeed, it is a bit dated. First of all, some brochures, also in English and Chinese, were created to explain the artistic value and the touristic potentiality of the adjacent territory.

Sandro Pignataro, the person in charge of the project, explained, “It’s necessary to create complete packages for the religious tourism that consider options of the wine and food, oenological and forestry and agropastoral heritage of the territory, in addition to a valuable cultural offer. Today we find it difficult to work as a system because we wait for public funds but these are lacking and every activity is slowing down. The operators usually wait for organized events while organizers fail in doing a suitable sales policy because they don’t have the promotion material in their hands. This is why we propose this activity and we ask to support it and to work as a system.”

And so Varese Europa together with the Park Authority of “Campo dei fiori”, the managing authority of “Sacred Mounts”, Progettarti SAS and the BPU Varese foundation, glanced at the future throwing on EXPO 2015. The organization addresses to the territory, to trade associations but also to single operators, in order to support the project of exporting ideas and full packages. A request to “work as a team” in view of the promotion of the full package “Cultura- Tipicità territoriale” (Culture- local specialty) that feeds heart and soul and wants to spread our tradition. Varese Europa has already ready two prestigious showcases; it will have, as a matter of fact, a stand from 5th to 9th March at ITB Berlin and another one between the 20th and the 23rd in Paris with the Salon Mondial du Tourisme.

People who want to adhere to the project, such as hoteliers, restaurateurs or traders, can write to

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Pubblicato il 21 Febbraio 2014
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