From Sacro Monte to the town centre: everyone to Varese for the “Immacolata”

Almost 500 people attended the special opening of the cable railway; and thousands, from Varese and elsewhere, filled the town for the numerous events.

Un albero di Natale al sacro Monte

Throughout the day, thousands of visitors, from Varese and elsewhere, crowded the numerous events organised today in town, to celebrate the Immaculate Conception: from the town centre to Sacro Monte, and in many neighbourhoods.

The special opening of the cable railway, in particular, was a great success; on 8 December, almost 500 people used the historical railway, which goes as far as the village, to attend the special events.

In particular, a great many people went to Sacro Monte to see the exhibition of nativity scenes and to attend the Jazz concerts organised by Confcommercio ASCOM Varese. “We’re very happy the people of Varese appreciated the events organised in Sacro Monte,” said the director of ASCOM, Roberto Tanzi. “There was a great crowd throughout the day. It’s certainly been a good day for the village.”

The attendance was also high for the events taking place during the day, in the centre of Varese, from Piazza Repubblica, where stalls have been set up for Christmas, to Piazza Monte Grappa, and Piazza San Vittore (where the Firemen “climbed the Bernascone bell tower” to place a wreath, and letters to Father Christmas were collected in the square in front of the church) and in San Giuseppe (where the traditional party for the little, historical church in the centre took place).

All day long, the Christmas Village in Piazza Repubblica, set up with contributions by ASPEM, Coop Lombardia, Novauto Toyota, Erremotori Subaro e Lis Sicurezza, greeted hundreds of families and children, and entertained them with games and displays. There were also a lot of people on the ice rink, set up by Proloco Varese, which opened today in Piazza Repubblica.

And there were a lot of people at the Christmas market in Masnago, which was organised by the Immaculate Mother Mary Pastoral Community, and at the events that took place at the Varese racecourse. In the evening, Piazza Monte Grappa was lit up by the Christmas tree, which is sponsored by Valigeria Ambrosetti, and by the lights on the front of the Chamber of Commerce, sponsored by ASCOM Varese. And last, but not least, there were Christmas lights, for the second day, in the Estensi Gardens.

It was with doubt a positive, initial taste of the many events to come over the Christmas period, organised by Varese town council; there will be more than 100 from now until January, brightening up the town with Christmas cheer; for the first time, the events have been gathered into a booklet.

“We’re very satisfied with how the people of Varese have responded to the first events for this Christmas 2016,” said the Mayor of Varese, Davide Galimberti.I’m particularly happy with the result achieved by the cable railway, which hundreds of people took to enjoy the view up to Sacro Monte, on this special opening day, to attend the events there. And it’s good that Piazza Repubblica is alive again, with lots of families and children. If there are people in the piazza, it means they’re happy to be here. It’s been a lovely day for Varese, and I hope this spirit continues throughout the holidays.”

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