A Spring of events for living Villa Della Porta Bozzolo

There are appointments from March to December for all ages. "We want to go through the territory, and engage citizens and administrations."

Una visita a Villa della Porta Bozzolo

A season full of events that wants to engage the whole land. This morning, Wednesday 8 March, at Villa Della Porta Bozzolo was held a presentation of the appointments’ timetable that from March to December will engage a public of all ages. Indeed, the goal of Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI) is to make its places “a home” for the visitors who go there.

Giuliano Galli, Lombardia Prealpina FAI’s General Manager  claimed: “We want to open up more and more to the territory, creating a cooperation network to be able to open up to the neighbouring tourism markets. There was an organisational change within the FAI. We have built homogeneous places in the area covered and the first one, where we will create a team of staff, is called Lombardia Prealpina, which includes Varese, Lecco, Sondrio and Bergamo.”

It is a change that underlines the idea of network management through the territories, starting from the small municipalities. “We want Villa Della Porta Bozzolo to be lived as everyday life, to become a place where people can have some experiences and to become more crowded. This is the reason why we want to engage administrations, citizens and other figures in the territory.”

It is a territory that has already been invited within the structure, as Elena Ambrosoli, Varese Beni FAI’s Property Manager explained: “There has always been a free entry to Villa Della Porta Bozzolo for Casalzuigno’s citizens, as well as for our members.”

The events’ timetable is organized in weeks’s appointments, dedicated to the exploration of Villa Della Porta Bozzolo. Indeed, its garden and rose bushes will be the perfect scenario to the events, such as Le Giornate delle Camelie or Festa dell’AIA, but also to the laboratories for the little ones. Whereas, inside we will have meeting places, guided tours, conferences with restorers and guests in the nationally known.

“Every single event will be organised to be lived by the whole family. It is a timetable created in order to gain a clearer history of this Villa and its traditions” explained Marta Spavanello, responsible for Varese Beni FAI’s Communication and Events.


GIORNATE DELLE CAMELIE, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March
It is a great return of Giornate delle Camelie, an event in collaboration with Società Italiana della Camelia and Vivaio Camelia D’oro, in province of Verbania; it is an exclusive exhibition and market of great samples of camellias in full bloom, and an exhibition of cut flowers with fresh camellias that come from the 19th century garden of Villa Anelli, in Oggebbio, on the Lake Maggiore.

A botanical treasure hunt, in collaboration with I Grandi Giardini Italiani, will be another fun occasion to examine in depth the awareness of the garden and of the rarest botanical species.

MAGGIO IN FIORE, Monday 1, Sunday 7, 14 and 21 May
The main novelty of 2017 will be Maggio in Fiore; the blooming of more than one thousand roses in the month of May will be just the example to make Villa Della Porta Bozzolo the place of the rose’s rediscovery as “Queen of the garden”. The amazing rose bush, that gathers many varieties of this flower, from 18th Gallic roses to the more recent species of the second half of 20th century, will offer the opportunity to know and deepen the story of the flower, but also to experience growing and pruning methods throughout activities, guided tours and laboratories.

ROSE DI MAGGIO – May, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28
The highlight of the Festival Maggio in Fiore will be Rose di Maggio, a show and now a cult marketplace that reach its sixth edition this year: many scents, colours and varieties of roses and related plants will welcome visitors who can buy them and receive valuable tips and instructions on how to take care of them. Some of the best Italian nursery gardeners specialised in roses will exhibit an extensive collection of both ancient and modern plants; in addition to roses, there will also be a wide selection of ideal “companions” for the queen of May: Clematis, perennial herbaceous plants, Rosaceae. There will also be specialised magazines, small gardening tools and rose flavoured food.

PICNIC IN VILLA – Tuesday, April 25, Monday, May 1, Friday, June 2 and Tuesday, August 15
In line with the tradition of having picnics outside the city, in the days of national holiday Villa della Porta Bozzolo offers four days to spend with your family and in open air with the events of “Picnic in Villa”. You can bring your picnic lunch while guided tours to the villa, the garden and the old rose one will alternate throughout the day, and fun creative workshops will be offered for children in order to stimulate their curiosity and imagination.

LEGGERI COME L’ARIA – Sunday, 24 September
News of Autumn, “Leggeri come l’aria” (literally Light as Air) organised kite building workshops and a spectacular display open to everyone. The park will be the perfect background for the colourful forms of the flying kites, while the villa will come alive with stories, meetings, lectures on the history of flight in our region and beyond.

ASTRONOMI PER UNA NOTTE – Sunday, 18 June and Thursday, 10 August
The dates with “Astronomi per una notte” are back again in 2017, in collaboration with the Astronomical Observatory “G.V.Schiaparelli” of Campo dei Fiori in Varese: four evenings in the properties of FAI in Varese, dedicated to the discovery of the sky, the stars and light thanks to meetings and observations of the cosmos with the aid of telescopes. Double date in Villa della Porta Bozzolo, on Sunday, 18 June with the shooting stars and Thursday, 10 August with The Sun.

GRAN GALA’ NELL’AIA – April, 22 Saturday and 23 Sunday
In order to evoke the ancient agricultural traditions of the villa, built in the 16th century as a country home, the second edition of Gran Gala’ nell’aia is back. A weekend entirely dedicated to farmyard animals to find out more about more than seventy rare and ancient breeds of chicken, ducks and rabbits, now threatened with extinction by the logic of industrialisation and of mass market that made them unattractive from the economic point of view, because they are considered less productive than modern hybrids.

Also in 2017 the FAI offers a series of events, workshops and creative activities for children and their families in order to get closer to history and to art through fun and educational experiences. During the second edition of BozzoloLab, children can learn about the villa through stories, games and observation of plants and flowers, to discover the most beautiful and curious corners of the villa and its garden.

Within the festival, in April, on Sunday 2 , you can join a botanical visit with a walk up to the top of Belvedere, where children will discover cypresses, chestnuts, hazelnuts and small herbs with which make a valuable herbarium. Moreover, on Sunday, 18 June, there will be a date with the Biblioteca of Camillo, where the protagonist will be the library of Camillo Bozzolo with its large wooden cabinets and antique books in which you can choose a story to read together on a summer afternoon.

This year the real news will be the activities in French and German: while the adults will be taken on tours in different languages, the smaller will be engaged in fun workshops to study the history of the villa in French and German.

The planning of activities for children will end with the Halloween Party with the event Misteri in Villa: on Tuesday, 31 October and Wednesday, 1 November a special visit will introduce the young visitors to an atmosphere full of mystery and magic.

There will be many workshops that will take turns during the year: “Aperti per Restauro” (a series of special opening times to describe the goods from the point of view of restoration and maintenance activities that take place there on a daily basis) in collaboration with the school of restoration Venaria Reale, this year will address the restoration of the magnificent tapestry donated to the FAI for Villa della Porta Bozzolo in March and April.

“A tu per tu con la villa”: on the occasion of the European Heritage Days in September, on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17, in October on Sunday 1 and 29, three meetings to deepen a specific theme of historical and artistic character. And finally, with “La villa si racconta” on Sunday, 9 November and 11 December, two experts of the industry will discuss the themes of the wardrobe and kitchen of the 16 century.

Under the patronage of the Province of Varese.

The calendar “Eventi nei beni del FAI in 2017” has been made possible thanks to the significant support of Ferrarelle, partner of institutional events and official water of the FAI, and invaluable contributions of PIRELLI, which confirms for the fifth consecutive year its historical proximity to the Foundation.

Villa della Porta Bozzolo is a recognised museum by the Lombardy Region.

For more information: Villa della Porta Bozzolo www.visitfai.it/villadellaportabozzolo/
Email address: faibozzolo@fondoambiente.it
Phone number: 0332624136

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