Eolo Running Grand Prix, three high altitude races on the trails of the Campo dei Fiori

The second edition of the mountain running trail (end of April) was presented. The trail includes Brinzio, Comerio and Caldana. Fidal (Italian Federation of athletics): the first race will be valid as championship provincial mountain running,

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Three races in one week to test specialists in mountain running and to “use” in the nicest way a treasure which nature has given us, the Campo dei Fiori, with its trails and the many possibilities that it offers a mountain of this kind.

The Eolo Running Grand Prix launches from Varese its second edition, confirming the formula used last year and honing an important agreement with Fidal (Italian Federation of athletics) that brings the three rounds to a higher competitive level.


The structure, as we said, is the same as 2016: the Eolo Running GP is a triptych that starts from Brinzio, Sunday 23rd April, continues to Comerio Tuesday 25th and ends in Caldana di Cocquio on Sunday 30th: a combination that puts a strain on legs and lungs of specialists and that also ensures a public success. Not surprisingly, the event became full-fledged (since last year) among those supported by Varese Sport Commission, the project of the Chamber of Commerce (where we held the presentation) that supports those sporting events capable of generating tourism in the territory.

The news of 2017 is the ultimate test, the “Memorial Pierantonio Machin” di Caldana, organised by Atletica Verbano and replacing the Scarpone Luvinatese who was present last year. But another important news regard the opening race, the Brinzio one, renamed “Giro del Masso Erratico”: the race will be valid as Championship provincial mountain running, both for seniors and for masters. Whoever wins (the recognition goes to the first affiliated to a club of the province) wears right away the Jersey of the Varese champion since the second race in Varese. There is the “Gromeron”: starting from Groppello, on the lakeside, endingup at the cave of Remeron in Comerio, complete with a local band to accompany the runners. And with two trials – an amateur one open to all and one dedicated to children and youngsters of the area – that will run alongside the competitive race.


The 2017 edition of the Eolo Running Grand Prix will bring a jump in quality to our event,” explains Marco Negri, coordinator of the circuit as well as director of the Athletic Verbana and Eolo man for these types of events. “Specifically with this aim, the three races have entered in the regional calendar of the Final, and the fact that Brinzio is becoming provincial champion is a proud motivator.” “We don’t talk,” continued Negri, “of phenomenal numbers, because the rice up in the mountain in our parts of the country is still a niche discipline, but the 150 that will start in Brinzio and the hundred or so abundant that will compete in the other trials are already important figures.”

“Varese is not at the level of Brescia, Bergamo or Como for trail running, but also for this reason we want to decrease this gap,” says Fabio Farley of Fidal. “The scenario of the Campo dei Fiori is perfect and the movement is growing. The Atletica Verbana is very careful company, and I’m glad to see even the amateur group of Athletics Gavirate engaged in this organisation.” Praise also from Sabrina Guglielmetti, who recalled the commitment of Sports Commision in this type of events, and of the President of the Park of Campo dei Fiori, Giuseppe Barra, who underlined how the mountain that overlooks Varese is a heritage to be safeguarded to the fullest, starting with the cleanliness and the safety of its trails.


The Running Grand Prix, as well as the Trail of the Campo dei Fiori in September, have a major sponsorship and more than ever linked to Varese and surroundings, that of Eolo. “Beyond the well-known passion of our ceo, Luca Spada, are a lot of reasons why our brand has affinity with the race and its different disciplines,” explains Martina Mentasti of the communication office. “There is the speed, inherent in sport but also in our connections to the network, there is the mountain that is fundamental for the development of our network of repeaters, there is a territory on which a decade ago Eolo was born and it wants to remain firmly rooted in these parts. Running is hard work but also a way to achieve goals, running with others is also a way to develop team spirit, qualities that are in high demand within our company.”

In this regard, Marco Negri has announced other important news related to Eolo and running: “Wednesday, in Milan, we will officially announce the pairing of our brand with the national trail and mountain running, but Eolo will also support a circuit of 15 national races of this area. Not to mention the Trail of September: the winners of Eolo Running Grand Prix, among other things, will receive vouchers in order to subscribe to that event.”

Pubblicato il 23 marzo 2017
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