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Munari presents the fifteenth BAFF. “We do so much with so little”

A full programme for the 2017 Busto Arsizio Film Festival (BAFF), from Carlo Verdone, to TeleAltomilanese, from Totò to young rising stars.

presentazione baff 2017

“We’re in no way inferior to festivals that have a much bigger budget than we do.” The Chairman of the Busto Arisizio Film Festival, Alessandro Munari (the director, Steve Della Casa was absent) got more than one thing off his chest, during the presentation, to the local press, of the fifteenth festival, which is taking place from 18 to 25 March.

The programme of BAFF 2017

Munari wanted to make it clear also to the town council, who have slightly reduced this year’s financial support for the festival. “Just take a look at the programme, and you’ll see how full of quality events it is.” And to Mayor Antonelli, “I understand and support all of the council’s arguments, but if we are going to have a festival of this level, we need the help of private citizens, and also of the authorities.”

The Chairman mentioned some figures. “Cannes has a budget of €20 million, Rome has €5 million, and Turin, more than €2 million,” he explained. “We’re able to go on thanks to the many volunteers and important people, who work, body and soul, throughout the year on this festival.”

This year, the festival will have no fewer than five previews (“The fact that the festival lasts six days, and has five previews must surely mean something.”), famous names like Carlo Verdone for the inauguration (Teatro Sociale Delia Cajelli, on Saturday 18 March, at 9 p.m.), and the patroness is the all-round artiste (actress, photographer, model), Catrinel Marlon. There is also a section called Mibart, dedicated to video art, which will extend to Milan, two congresses that examine the new law on cinema (with Ester Corvi, Minnie Ferrara and Paolo Mereghetti), and the relationship between justice in the courts and justice on TV and in films (with the lawyer Ennio Amodio and the journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi), and a section dedicated to schools, with the viewing of films by students (Made in Italy – Scuole) and the Junior BAFF Lab.

And not only. There will also be a discussion about animation, and about sport, with the Pro Patria Corner, which will be run by the Friends of the BAFF, a new group that aims to raise money for the festival led by Gigi Farioli. There will be a concert by the 80-strong choir, Cantosospeso, in the Basilica of San Giovanni, and an opportunity to view the Codex of Busto, from 873 AD, which is kept in the library of the Basilica. And there will be a retrospective dedicated to Totò, with the showing of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s masterpiece “Uccellini, uccellacci” (The Hawks and the Sparrows”, and the presentation of a documentary, made by students at the film institute ICMA and by Marco Maccaferri, about the TV channels TeleAltominalese, Antenna 3 and the birth of commercial television. The short film finalists in the BAFF Short Cuts competition (organised by Paolo Castelli, with Veronica Pivetti in the jury) will be awarded. Finally, there will be events at the Millenote Club in Via Pozzi, and at the Circolo Gagarin in Via Galvani, and the book presentations “BAFF in libreria”.

Enjoy the BAFF.

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