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TEDx comes to Varese; do you want to take part in the event?

The conference that inspires the world by bringing ideas that are worth spreading, is on 17 June. There are many opportunities to take part, as a member of the audience, a partner or a volunteer. Here is the initial information.


Finally, the event that inspires the whole world by bringing ideas that are worth spreading, is also coming to Varese. The date has been set: on Saturday 17 June, TEDxVarese is being organised, and 10 speakers will walk onto the stage to tell their stories, on the theme of this first year, which is “Start believing again”.

What is TEDx? It is a local conference organised along the lines of TED, which was conceived in 1984, in Vancouver, and which brings together the best minds on the planet, each year, to share their ideas. Indeed, “Ideas worth spreading” is the TED motto. The TEDx events are unique experiences, that people can participate in, in person. The speeches are also filmed and the contents then published on the TED platforms, and watched by millions of people.


Those speaking at TEDxVarese will be scientists, teachers, inventors, performers and local and national personalities. The official list of speakers will be published in the next few weeks, and tickets will go on sale in May. The promoters and partners of the events also include VareseNews, which turns 20 this year, and is going to organise several initiatives to get its community actively involved. The event is being organised with the support of the European Commission – Joint Research Centre, of Varese Province and of other authorities, who are coming together for the initiative.

There will be many ways for you to take part in the event, as a member of the audience, a partner, or a volunteer.

Would you like to be a TEDxVarese partner? The organisers are appealing to people involved locally and in the town, who believe in the power that ideas have to change people’s lives and to connect projects, to anyone that believes there are ideas and experiences that can help “Start believing again”, and that can contribute to the growth of Varese Province, and not only. Becoming a partner will allow you to collaborate actively in the creation of a new, one of a kind experience.

Use this link to send a request to be contacted to become a partner.

Would you like to be part of the TEDxVarese team, and help in the creation of the event? TEDxVarese will be a success also thanks to the many volunteers, who, with the organisation, will create a great experience for all of the participants. Use this link to volunteer.

Pubblicato il 22 marzo 2017
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