Film shot in Cerro near Laveno, is awarded in Los Angeles

Shot by the director from Laveno, Oscar Turri, the film has been selected as the best independent short film at the Los Angeles Film Awards. The first screening will be in Laveno, on 24 November

Oscar Turri gira una cortomettraggio a Cerro - 2

The film, “Judith & Holofernes”, which was shot in Cerro, near Laveno Mombello, in September 2017, has gone to Los Angeles and won an important award: it has been selected as the best independent short film at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

Shot in the little village, the film was directed by 30-year-old Oscar Turri, from Laveno, and stars Aurora Maria Lopez, who is also from Laveno Mombello, and who has lived abroad for many years. The cast also includes Steve Wong and Donatella Reggiori.

“It was an unexpected victory, and we’re really happy,” said the director, who has always been involved in filmmaking. “It’s not my first work behind the film camera, but it’s certainly the first as a professional, and achieving this result was a surprise. What is more, it’s a short film that talks about an important subject, namely violence against women, and this is an extra value.”

Indeed, it is no coincidence that the first public screening is on Saturday, 24 November, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which is the following day. The screening is in the Council Chamber of Laveno Mombello town hall, at 9 p.m. “We’re also thinking of others screenings in Varese; we’ll keep you informed.”

The film is set in the 1940s, and tells the story of a foreign girl, who arrives in the little village on Lake Maggiore and is the victim of violence. The filming was done in September 2017, and involved everyone in the village; indeed, the extras were all local residents. “When the people understood what it was about, they began to lend us a hand,” the director said during filming. “They helped us to find the clothes, bicycles and tools of that time. One man lent us his old tractor, and even brought straw and livestock. The shopkeepers helped us by fitting their shops out with loaves, pumpkins and vegetables. Seeing the village involved and everybody’s enthusiasm was the most wonderful thing of all.”

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