The big celebration for the 20th anniversary of the Great Malpensa Airport

On October 25th 1998, the old, limited intercontinental stopover became the main airport of Milan. This is a memorable date that will be celebrated this Sunday, with music, events, street food, and so much more: here the plan and the description of the day

malpensa festa

Exactly 20 years: on October 25th 1998, after many construction sites, the current Malpensa Terminal 1 was opening. It was the birth of the “Great Malpensa”, the day when the intercontinental airport, operative for 50 years, changed into the main airport of Milan.

Not everything- to say the least- has gone according to plan, but these days are especially for celebrations. We will commemorate the day of the transfer from Linate to Malpensa, but  we’re also getting ready for the big celebration on Sunday 28th, when the Arrivals Floor of T1 will be transformed into a large space to be explored, with stages and stands.

The central stage (beside the entry of the airport) and the blues/jazz area (between the gates number 6 and number 7) will offer to people of all ages, a rich and varied plan for the all day: we start at 10 AM with the Fanfara of the Aeronautica Militare  and exhibitions of the State Police units, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza, then there will be the concert of the Orchestra and Choir of the conservatory Giacomo Puccini of Gallarate, the aperitif with lyrical music of “Teste dure” duo ( Barbara Somogyiova, soprano, and Orietta Cassini, pianist), some Zelig comedians (Leonardo Manera, Gianluca Impastato and Giovanni Cacioppo), the ROS group from X-Factor, the versatility and eccentricity of Paolo Jannacci, the sympathy and comedy of “I Legnalesi” and the final concert of the art genius of Raphael Gualazzi. And then there will be the Italia’s Got Talent winner Fabrizio Vendramin, the painter-performer who paints upside-down.

Starting from 2.30 PM, for jazz and blues lovers, various highly renowned artistes will perform on the dedicated stage. Among them, there will be Midnight Festival Jazz Superband with Marco Brioschi on the trumpet, Rudy Migliardi on the trombone, Alfredo Ferrario on the clarinet, Giorgio Deleo on the piano, Claudio Nisi on the bass tuba and Massimo Caracca on the drums; Paolo Bonfanti Civil Right Band; and Gennaro Porcelli & Band.

The kids’ area (near door number 4) will host The Mad Hatter and his magic show at 11 AM, Geronimo Stilton’s show at 3 PM, and then, again, The Mad Hatter and the soap bubbles show at 4.30 PM.

The street food area will be located outdoors, but also indoors, where a maxirisottata, cooked by the students of Institute Falcone in Gallarate, will take place, and its proceeds will go Telethon.

Free parking: follow the directions to Park P2

The event will extend outside Terminal 1 and the perimeter of the airport: you can visit, without paying, the external area dedicated to the “great planes” of Volandia, the biggest European Aviation Museum, where you will also be given the opportunity to come in contact with horses and watch a wonderful equestrian show at 4 PM.


Click here to see the complete map of the stages and the attractions of Sunday.

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