Influenza: The citizens in the Varese Province prefer to be vaccinated

At less than two weeks from the final deadline to be vaccinated, the data on the application are reassuring: The people vaccinated are over 127,000.

Generico 2018

These are the last few days to be vaccinated against the flu. The peak is expected to be reached in January and, considering that the flu vaccine provides protection two weeks after vaccination, at this point there is little time left.

Compared to last year, the Province of Varese has registered an higher application rate of those  people entitled to be vaccinated, in accordance with the results of last season.

Last year, at the end of December, 124,057 people among those over 65 years old and those affected by a disease in the Province of Varese followed the recommendation of Ats Insubria.

This year, up until 14th December, 127,268 people were vaccinated (36,888 in the area of the Asst Sette Laghi and 38,505 in the area of Valle Olona.)

However, the data of the general physicians who are working on vaccinations are missing.

Compared to last year, the demand for the vaccination preventing pneumococcus has remarkably raised: last year the number of people who were vaccinated was 2,488, compared with 3,373 already reached last week.

The vaccination campaign, which started the last 6th November, registered  a peak of demands in the middle of the month (31,416 last week between the 15th and the 21st November.) The campaign usually registers its highest in November, with lines of demands in December.

The stocks of vaccine shots were enough to satisfy the demand: The Ats Insubria had no problem neither at the beginning of the vaccination campaign nor during the supply of vaccinations.

In Italy the influenza virus has arrived but, at the moment, the levels of infection are certainly limited. In the 49th week of  2018, the spread of influenza virus is at basic levels. The number of cases estimated this week is about 168,000, with a total of almost 814,000 cases since the beginning of the monitoring.

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