A journey into olfactory furnishing, with home fragrances that are made in Italy

Particular fragrances, enchanting and exotic, surround us in every moment of our lives: we grow up with scents printed onto our hearts, and past moments may be revived, because they are anchored to certain, beloved essences.

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Particular fragrances, enchanting and exotic, surround us in every moment of our lives: we grow up with scents printed onto our hearts, and past moments may be revived, because they are anchored to certain, beloved essences; human life is full of wonderful scented trails that, from our first breath, bring back the memory of lovely, past moments.

This is why, when designing a cosy house or a space to be shared with others (like a work space), smells can never left out, forgotten or replaced by beautiful, but dull furniture: decorating has officially become a question of smell.

We live thanks to essences, fragrances and aromas, and we have the opportunity to recreate around us relaxing environments, that are homey and perfect for any occasion, using innovative systems for adding fragrances. Being able to style a room in a way that includes the sense of smell means recreating an environment that envelops both guest and host in essences that are always captivating, that leave an “aftersmell” that suggests home.

The current trend demands home fragrances that are seductive, that bring unequalled pleasure, that involves the inhabitants of the house. Thus, the art of olfactory design is currently an indoor must. The systems for adding fragrances, which are bought in exclusive perfumeries, and divided into different fragrances and methods of releasing the desired scent, are presented as the logical conclusion to everyday, home cleaning, by means of a strategy of adding fragrances that dissolve the occasionally unpleasant smell of detergents.

Home fragrance reed diffusers and nebulising diffusers become the best allies for those who are always looking for the perfect captivating fragrance, in a way that, at the moment of its release, it decorates the room with the fragrance and with the object itself.

How to add fragrances to the home using reed diffusers

Olfactory furnishing for the home, by Officina delle Essenze

Decorating using the most popular scents means achieving complete hospitality, a system of total personalisation of rooms, that, at every smell, suggests something about the person who inhabits those rooms, his tastes, places in his memory.

Bottles with captivating and delicate designs are placed as objects that express an intimate, personal and unique taste, giving a touch of elegance and originality in the main spaces of the house: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms are filled with the most pleasant scents that, with their sweetness and strength, give a new sense and warmth to spaces that would otherwise be empty and lacking in something.

Elegance is a word that fully describes reed diffusers, which are simple and delicate bottles; and elegance is the dearest of concepts for the Made in Italy label, which speaks of a balanced, never overwhelming, pleasantly enveloping system of releasing fragrances, with an elegant appearance.

Glass bottles, full of precious, scented liquid of various colours, find their place of honour on hall furniture (for a welcome that envelops guests with its scented trails), or on a bedside table, and, why not, on rustic bookshelves or the modern, fitted walls of the living room or kitchen, to enjoy wonderful, relaxing moments.

Beautiful, with endless fragrance possibilities, the bottles become the olfactory additions that define the home, that bring back warmth and vitality to cold areas and empty corners.

After all, it is in the reed diffusers that we find our faithful friend, who can bring a familiar feel to even the darkest and emptiest corner of a newly bought or rented house, that, to some extent, still feels foreign; filling new spaces using favourite scents means making any room in which you can smell them feel like home.

How do the reed diffusers work?

Reed diffusers by Officina delle Essenze

Reed diffusers gradually release the chosen aroma, in a way that is never invasive or annoying, as part of a furnishing system that overwhelms the senses of both smell and sight; just open the bottle, insert the reeds into the precious liquid and the fragrance will start to fill the rooms with its unstoppable trails.

Once you have chosen where to place the bottle, you will be able to enjoy an all-round pleasure, where the wonderful fragrance will accompany a beautiful and aesthetically-functional furnishing item. Thus, the home fragrances complete the furnishings, with their Made in Italy function, which is the goal of the craft brand Officina delle Essenze.

And to have a fragrance that is always fresh, full and long-lasting, that fills every room of the house, the experts suggest turning the reeds upside down once a week: turning the parts of the reeds that are steeped in the fragrant liquid, will bring new freshness and intensity to the bottled aroma, filling your home with an enveloping, revived, strong essence.

Home fragrances, by Officina delle Essenze

Home sprays

And for anyone that wants a frequent change? How do they indulge their imagination with fragrant games, that recreate remote settings, old memories, exotic and extremely sweet perfumes in their sensual intensity in the living room?

Strong, resistant, with astonishing aromas, home perfumes in sprays dominate the rooms of those who want to bring new character, quickly and immediately, for an environment that is always different, always welcoming, with their unusual aromatic essences.

A solution that is different in how it is used, perfume sprays for the home are truly multi-faceted furnishing accessories that come alive and give life to your favourite places, from the very first spray.

Compared to the perfume system provided by practical perfumed bottles with reeds, the spray is a practical object, an ideal system for adding a fragrance to the house that is always fresh, new and seductive.

More concentrated, penetrating fragrances, that pleasantly invade large areas, such as open-space living rooms, or complete homes, will be within everyone’s reach, with a simple, effective spray.

Indeed, with a single burst of the spray, you can create new spaces every day, that will bring beautiful sensations to the minds of the home owner and of the guest, and bring back distant memories, leaving a lasting impression in the present.

One suggestion, for anyone that wants rooms that are alive, without having to deal with ugly streaks on sofas, cushions or precious curtains, is to spray the fragrance far away from fabrics, for an olfactory pleasure achieved in a way that is completely safe for the other items of furniture.

Man, an intelligent being anchored to aromas and sensations that affect him, has a great olfactory memory, which, from the first aromatic trail, takes him back to better times in his life, or allows him to create new memories.

Spray your favourite fragrance into the air, then, when you crave it most, it becomes the key to full olfactory furnishing, that overwhelms, in the intimacy of every aspect.

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