Trails and facilities, 110,000 euros for the Campo dei Fiori

Some of the money will be used to fix the climb to Martica while the remaining amount will be used to strengthen the adventure route of Villaggio Cagnola.

Generico 2018

Almost 110,000 euros will arrive at the Campo dei Fiori for some extraordinary maintenance interventions. The Region of Lombardy has made an offer of 3.5 million overall for all of the parks of Lombardy and of these, a share will also arrive for the most famous mountain of the province.

The funding will be used by two different projects. “We have received 61,245 euros for the maintenance of trails and signs of the parks,” explains the president of the institution, Giuseppe Barra, “and we will use most of the amount to renovate the trail that goes up to Martica that today is really in bad state.” Then, there are 48,600 euros that will arrive for the interventions of functional appropriateness and enhancement of the Villa Cagnola’s park center. “In this case we have provided both new trails and facilities for the adventure route and to fix the climb to Legnone”, explains Barra who also ensures that “these interventions will be already performed for the reopening of the park in spring” whereas for Martica “it will take a little longer.”

However, these two projects are not linked to Upkeep the Alps, another route that is still about the trails and involves the Campo dei Fiori. With Upkeep the Alps, it will be possible to create classes and training courses designed to those who plan and maintain the trails, and it aims to relaunch the environment-friendly practicability of our mountains.

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