Holiday for fishermen in Val di Non: all the beauty of Trentino

In this wonderful part of Trentino, there are streams and unspoiled lakes, full of various types of trout, especially the brown and marble trout (grayling), which are perfect for putting skills to the test


Fishing in Val di Non is one of the most glorious experiences that enthusiasts of this sport must have at least once in their lives. Indeed, in this wonderful part of Trentino, there are uncontaminated streams and lakes, full of a variety of trout species, especially the brown and marbled trout (grayling), which are perfect for testing skills. There are a number of water environments that can be reached in a short time, which are surrounded by breath-taking landscapes, where the lush nature dominates and where time seems to stop.

Finding your ideal fishing spot is easy and convenient, not only for expert fishermen, but also for those who are beginners want to train and improve. Of course, to experience a holiday of this type at its best, it is essential to choose the right accommodation, that provides tailored services and also an excellent welcome.

Hospitality for fishermen: how to choose the right accommodation

If you decide to spend a fishing holiday in Val di Non, you can be sure it will be an unforgettable experience, with joys and thrills that will warm your heart. You can count on the breath-taking scenery that surround some of the best fishing spots in Italy. However, before heading to Trentino, you should consider carefully where to stay, so that you can be sure that you will spend a few carefree days, dedicating yourself to your favourite sport.

Of course, there is no shortage of accommodation in this small corner of Italian paradise, as, every year, it is visited by thousands of tourists, in all seasons. However, it is important to find the perfect Val di Non hotel, one that will satisfy all of the typical needs of fishermen. Usually, the best hotels are those that adhere to the project Trentino Fishing, which offer complete fishing packages, such as early breakfast, the possibility of freezing the caught fish, adequate storage facilities for equipment in a non-specific area, and also a fishing guide service, with federal instructors, which is ideal for beginners.

Of course, the rooms must be welcoming, with every comfort, so that you can relax after a long day of fishing. Another important aspect to consider is the restaurant, which must offer genuine and tasty dishes, made with seasonal and high-quality ingredients, and also cater for people with any allergies or intolerances.

Fishing in Val di Non: the best spots and the most suitable techniques

One of the best fishing spots in Val di Non is definitely the Noce River, where you can practise fly fishing, trout-stream fishing, with a pendulum or float, and spin fishing. However, you should not miss the Santa Giustina Dam, a rather large, artificial lake, where you can find salmonids (lake, rainbow and brown trout), eels and cyprinids (carp, chub, rudd and tench).

In this wonderful body of water, you can try spin fishing, blow fishing and ledger fishing. The Pescara stream, a wide watercourse that is mistakenly considered less important, is also very interesting. Moreover, it is full of marbled trout and surrounded by fairy-tale scenery. Here, you can indulge in fly or spin fishing, whichever you prefer.

It should not be forgotten that, in Val di Non, you can also rely on a great number of lakes for sport fishing, such as the Coredo, Tavon and Smeraldo. To have a truly unique and unforgettable experience, we recommend you try fishing the natural Arctic char, which you can do on the enchanting Lake Tovel, surrounded by the Brenta Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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