The house becomes an orchestra, like this, Alessandro beats boredom with his apartment songs

The journalist from Luino has made two music videos completely shot at home and using a guitar and various objects. Also in this way you spend your time at home and launch the challenge

alessandro bordin musica coronavirus

How to overcome the deep boredom that surrounds this infinite quarantine day after day? By trying to make music with everything you have at home, using a simple editing program and knowing how to play at least one instrument.

Alessandro Bordin, a Hardware Upgrade journalist from Luino and photographer appreciated in the valleys, wanted to make use of a third talent, that of the musician. He delights his many friends online, through his Facebook profile where he publishes his musical creations starting from a melody made with the guitar to which he adds the tinkling of glasses, the noise of the keys pressed on the keyboard of the PC or a bottle of soy sauce rubbed on the strings of the guitar itself.

Of course, you might say, it is not that easy. It is true, but boredom sharpens the wits and thanks to the many technological instruments that 90% of the population has, it is possible to spend a few hours in a different and interesting way: “The basic idea was to use the essential minimum,” explains Alessandro. “A guitar and a phone, and then you can find the rest at home. Everyone can try their hand at it”. For video editing? “I used a free program like Da Vinci Resolve. It would be nice to have a contest, so I’m going to challenge those who can do better”.

This is the result:

Ale's psychedelic breakfast – quel pizzico di sclero e alienazione, ma sempre quel briciolo – parte seconda.

Pubblicato da Alessandro Bordin su Sabato 28 marzo 2020

Pausa pranzo creativa. Chitarra da 40 Euro, smartphone, quel filo di alienazione ma giusto un filo eh.

Pubblicato da Alessandro Bordin su Giovedì 26 marzo 2020

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