The Villa Mirabello Civic Archaeological Museum is reopening its doors, with Art Bonus

Varese Town Council wants to make the museum more interesting and interactive. Galimberti: “In 2021 the pile dwellings of Varese will have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for ten years. It is essential to make the most of them and rediscover them.”

New interactive equipment has been installed that plunges visitors into millenniums of history, offering them an unforgettable experience. Palazzo Estense aims to make the headquarters of the Villa Mirabello Civic Archaeological Museum more attractive and they want to do it also by exploiting the potential of Art Bonus, the system of incentives that gives tax relief to those who support interventions to promote Italian artistic heritage. After a few days, the first contribution came from a local company, Paul&Shark.

“In a few months,” said Mayor Davide Galimberti, “the ‘Prehistoric Pile Dwellings of the Alps’, which also include our Pile Dwellings on the Isolino, will have been part of UNESCO World Heritage for ten years. It is essential for us to make the most of this great treasure and rediscover it; our goal is to give Varese a central role again in the national archaeological panorama, and not only. The pile dwellings in Varese Province are indeed some of the oldest in Europe and, at the same time, as they have been used for more than 4000 years, they can boast the longest continuous use. The site on the Isolino has been the object of recent interventions, and now our ambition is to continue the work, giving new life to the Archaeological Museum which is located in the centre of the town. In order to accomplish this, we appeal to those who want to invest in culture: a decision which, with the pandemic and the economic relapse caused by it, is more essential than ever for the cohesion of our society and for the local economy.

In addition to the total refurbishment, the plan of interventions includes the preparation of the exhibition “The civilisation of the pile dwellings: Isolino Virginia and Lake Varese, between 5600 and 900 BC”, with original finds and graphical and interactive reconstructions that will enable the public to identify with the habitat and with the typical lifestyle of the people of the pile dwellings.

Anyone interested in supporting the project can, through Art Bonus, recoup 65% of their donations as tax relief. This measure is still little known, but, in Italy, it has enabled a lot of patrons to support the artistic heritage, with €470 million in donations in only six years.

For further information about the project, visit the Art Bonus website (link), or the Palazzo Estense website (link).


Translated by Micol Viviani and Sara Francesca

Reviewed by Prof. Rolf Cook

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Pubblicato il 07 Novembre 2020
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