Monteviasco and the Campo dei Fiori cable railway among the most favourite places in Lombardy

The final ranking will be published in February or March. Meanwhile, the two places in Varese Province have achieved good results.

The census and voting in the Italian National Trust’s Favourite Places were concluded on 15 December. The final ranking will be published in February or March (when the paper votes have also been added), but in the meantime, we can browse through the list of places in Lombardy and see that, among the top ones, there are two much-loved places in Varese Province.

In fourth place among those that received the most votes in Lombardy, and first place for Varese Province, there is Monteviasco (which came 31st in the national ranking, with 6481 votes) Then, in ninth place, there is the Campo dei Fiori cable railway (which came 56th in the national ranking, with 4381 votes). Looking further down the list, we find the village of Arcumeggia, near Casalzuigno (in 102nd place).

This a good result, considering the long list of places throughout Italy that received votes and were covered by the census.

Monteviasco, in particular, has always been a favourite among the people. For two years, it has only been possible to reach it on foot, due to the cable railway being stationary, awaiting new management, but this takes nothing away from its charm and beauty, which are typical of mountain villages, where you can breathe clean air in the cobbled streets and houses with their wooden roofs.

The nomination of Monteviasco was supported by the National Trust delegation of Valcuvia, Luino and Verbano, and its Youth Group, as well as the “Monteviasco nel cuore” committee, led by Marco D’Agostino. These people took action to publicise the beauty of the village, and the fact that it needs intervention. Several exceptional testimonials supported the campaign, including Enzo Iacchetti.

The cable railway on Varese’s Sacro Monte has a different charm. It was built in 1911 on the initiative of the Società Grandi Alberghi Varesini, following a design by the architect Giuseppe Sommaruga. It has not been in use for many years, but its restoration would preserve a true architectural jewel. Its nomination is supported by the National Trust delegation of Varese, who, for years, have also organised guided tours, by appointment, of the adjacent Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori.


Translated by Mariachiara Bignoli and Riccardo Bianchi

Reviewed by Prof. Rolf Cook

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Pubblicato il 13 Febbraio 2021
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