The website of Varese, now also in English

The website has introduced a version also in English, providing the first service information for visitors.

It is a new tool, which began experimentally a few months ago, to reveal the town of Varese and its environs. The website, which is included in the site of the local council, and which can be visited at its own address, will shortly celebrate five months of “life”. And it is opening up to innovations, such as the new English version, providing the first service information for visitors.

The site was created last July, by Promozione del Territorio, the office promoting Varese. The site is user-friendly, and contains all the information you might need about the town and its events.

This new initiative was presented this morning by Enrico Angelini, the councillor responsible for promoting Varese, helped by the head of the council’s Promozione del Territorio office, Monica Salvo, and by Laura Severgnini, also from Promozione del Territorio. Councillor Angelini said, “The local Council, which has been particularly involved in promoting and highlighting the town over the last few years, now has an important instrument for communication and dialogue with townsfolk and visitors, on topics relating to tourism.

It is the new website “Varese Città Giardino”, which is an integral part of a series of initiatives, which include the imminent opening of the new Tourist Office in the centre, aimed at making our town even more attractive.”

Services on the website

When the section “La Città” opens up, information is provided on how to reach Varese by car, by train and by plane; there are also indications on how to travel around the town by bus, by taxi, and by bicycle, and how to reach Sacro Monte using the funicular railway.

The section also recommends tours of various kinds (times and days) to get the most out of visiting the town, and it is also possible to download tourist guides of Varese and its parks, free of charge, in PDF format.

A special section is dedicated to the “Sacro Monte of Varese, which has been a World Heritage Site since 2003; over the last few weeks, the project “Sacro Monte Travelcast”, a free, downloadable audio guide dedicated to the Sacro Monte of Varese, has been produced in association with “Artevarese”, for a virtual journey along art, nature and faith trails, to discover the Sacro Monte, the village of Santa Maria del Monte, and the natural park, Campo dei Fiori.

In the “Events” section, there are the events organised by Promozione del Territorio, and a little archive containing past events.

In the “Info point” section, you can check the addresses, opening times and telephone numbers of Varese’s tourist information point, which is open to the public, as well as news in real time about the opening of the Tourist Office in Via Romagnosi.

In the “Photo Gallery” section, there are collections of photographs: The Town, the Sacro Monte and the Lake of Varese, three of Varese’s main attractions; and in the “Link” section, there is a list of websites, and organisations and associations that promote tourism and Varese.

In conclusion, there is the “Contact” section, with all of the contact information for the Promozione del Territorio office, and the “News” section, where you can also subscribe to receive information about all of the initiatives promoted by the office.

Pubblicato il 30 novembre 2009
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