Busto Arsizio is in mourning for Arrigo Barbieri, who died in the Lamina accident

Arrigo Barbieri is one of the three workers who died yesterday of asphyxiation. He lived in Busto Arsizio with his family and everyday he used to go to work at Lamina with his brother, who is now struggling between life and death

arrigo barbieri

The effects of the tragedy of the Lamina Spa in Milan arrive even in Busto Arsizio. In fact, Arrigo Barbieri, one of the three workers who died yesterday asphyxiated in a tank, used to live here.

Arrigo knew very well that factory which produces steel because he has been working there with his brother Giancarlo, who is now struggling between life and death at the hospital, for years. When Giancarlo saw Arrigo and his team in the tank he jumped in trying to save them, but he was asphyxiated too and now his conditions are very critical. Three of the six workers involved in the accident died: Marco Santamaria, 43 years old, Giuseppe Setzu, 49 years old and Arrigo, 58 years old.


Every day, he used to go to the factory where also his father worked, leaving from Busto Arsizio. He was born in Brianza, but then he moved in the city because of love. In fact, he lived here with his wife and their two daughters, in a house near to the one of her parents in the Sant’Edoardo district. It was a house that he renovated some years ago but that almost every weekend he leaved in order to follow his sports passion.

It was not important if was winter or summer, because Arrigo Barbieri loved doing sport. When he was younger he had also been a professional skier, a passion that he was cultivating as judge for the Federation winter sports. An anorak, a hat and gloves: he loved so much those mountain activities that, some weeks ago, he chose a picture where he was wearing them as a profile picture on Facebook.


And at the end of the season, when the sun melts the snow and the skies are in the attic, he started using the windsurf board during weekends. He put the board in his car, went to the lake of Como, put the sail on the board and followed the cold air coming from the mountains. Air that he did not have in the tank.

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