«Without employees we won’t get out of the crisis»

This way the secretary of Uil Guglielmo Loy spoke, from the demonstration stand of the mayors also about Husqvarna and Malpensa, appealing to a new government: “Social safety net must be refinanced immediately and we must go to Europe to renegotiate”

Without employees this country will never get out of the economical crisis, if the politicians don’t understand this, there won’t be only the economical decline, but also cultural”. Barely taking over his place on the stand of Primo Maggio of Varese, Guglielmo Loy, the confederal secretary of Uil, sent a clear message to the new government. The head of the Uil, chose the Varese of its companies in crisis and laid-off workers to send the message from trade unions to a policy which was too many times deaf or impotent against the economical situation of lots of employees who have lost their jobs or are losing them, trying to carry on with the money of social support. “What is happening now with Husqvarna is something that would never be allowed to happen in another country”, immediately said Loy. “This is the sign of the weakness of our policy”.

Loy is warning the government and is pushing it to go to Europe to defend Malpensa and its employees who are now risking losing their jobs: “It is not possible to go to Bruxelles and be considered the as the B-series nation. Having all accounts in place, increase taxes, blocking the growth is not the solution for our problems. It is time for the government to hear us”.

Before Loy, had spoken the worker directors of Husqvarna and Sea handling, which in this moment are the two large open wounds of the sector, bleeding also because there is a risk that hundreds of families will lose the necessary income for the decent living. Just for the employees that Loy is urging the policy to work. He said: “There must be an immediate refinancing of the social net, the measures for the tax cut. We won’t make ourselves affected by the see-sawing of Imu, we say that Irpef is the tax to be decreased, starting from a series cut of the costs of the politic, in the Tremonti manner, which is coherent by 30 % for an estimated value of 6 billions that would go to cut, for example, the municipal tax rate of Irpef”.

The unions are asking the concrete commitment for all employees, especially for the young and the retired ones, who are considered “the ones who have always paid taxed being them directly deducted from the source”, for more they are asking for bigger commitment for the battle of the tax evasion and the final word for the spiral of diminution of employees right in the name of the “competitiveness”. In the march and also on the square there were about one thousand of people with a solid delegation of Husqvarna-Ktm employees, the most colourful and noisy group of the march. Among them, there were many foreigners and retired people and very few young people.                            

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Pubblicato il 03 maggio 2013
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