Workshops, stalls and events: the party is in Malpensa

The big party to celebrate the first 20 years of Malpensa’s Terminal 1 went on all day. The numerous activities that welcomed visitors included exhibitions, simulators and rock climbing

malpensa festa

A Sunday morning of celebrations and colour in Malpensa. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Terminal 1, the Arrivals Floor was turned into a corridor of music, stages, workshops and events.

Seeing such different stands next to each other, you breathed an air of internationality, but without neglecting the importance of the local territory. This is how it was, moving from the stand that explained the particular features of the Ticino Park and advertised its products, to the stand of airlines from all over the world. In addition to the performances by soldiers, musicians and comedians, there were many activities open to a public of all ages: in the area for children, there was the Mad Hatter’s Show and a workshop dedicated to making paper planes, as well as the Air Force stand, which had a large turnout, where people could experience piloting a fighter jet in a flight simulator. There were even stalls with vinyl records, a climbing wall and virtual reality stands.

When the choir of Puccini Conservatory, in Gallarate, started to sing the first notes, the Terminal also filled with music, while waiting for jazz in the afternoon, and the live-painting by the Italia’s Got Talent’s winner, Fabrizio Vendramin. During the day, a visit to Volandia, where a show jumping exhibition was planned, trying the many delights that the street food area had to offer, and going down to the delightful “Porta di Milano” in the airport’s foundations, were a must.

The whole programme of the day can be found here, If you want to watch the live, multimedia broadcast, click here.

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