Goglio wins the “Environment” Award at the Packaging Oscars

The innovative Fres-co Spready, a stand-up "ready to spread" bag, has been awarded in Milan. It was designed for grated cheese, but can be used in many other food sectors. It can be recycled and reprocessed.

goglio spa

Goglio SpA, a company based in Daverio, near Varese, that is specialised in packaging, has won the “Environment” Award at the 2016 Packaging Oscars. The award ceremony took place during the Milan Design Week, on Friday 15th April, at the headquarters of the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The innovative Fres-co Spready, a light, practical, functional standupready to spreadbag, convinced the jury of the competition (which was organised by the Italian Packaging Institute) presided over by Mario Grosso. Antonio Feola (the President of the Italian Packaging Institute) and Walter Facciotto (the Director of CONAI – the National Packaging Consortium) were also present at the ceremony, which was hosted by Pier Luigi Vercesi (the editor of the magazine, Sette) and the comedian Diego Parassole.

“Receiving such an important award in the environment section confirms the great sensitivity to the issue, which we cultivate every day in the company,”  said Osvaldo Bosetti, the plant director and head of R&D at Goglio. “The fact that we have always taken part in the Packaging Oscars, and frequently won, demonstrates that Goglio has a top position in the sector, despite the increasingly tough competition.”

Fresco Spready was designed for grated cheese, but it is so versatile that it could be used for different food products, as packaging for sweets, spices and corn flour for polenta, and in other, non-food sectors (industrial, agricultural, cosmetic, etc.).

What are the winning characteristics of Fres-co Spready? Bosetti explained, “We were able to produce packaging with a simplified but high-performance structure, that weighs about 50% less than the packaging currently on the market. It can be printed on, it’s made of a single type of polymer, to which we apply a barrier lacquer, which ensures protection from oxygen (and so, preservation). With the integrated dispenser, the bag turns from a container into a dispenser, and can be used for a variety of applications, without having to bond or add rigid pieces or other accessories.”

Fres-co Spready satisfies many sustainability requirements. First of all, it can be recycled and reprocessed, because it is made from a single family of materials. It also guarantees a considerable saving of raw materials, in addition to the usual benefits of flexible packaging: lower stocking, transportation and disposal costs.

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