Eolo presents the 100 megabit connection: “It’s like having the fiber optic”

Varese’s province will be the first to test Eolo’s new 100 megabit service. Luca Spada says: ”We started here 10 years ago and I’m glad we’re restarting from here with this service”


A fiber optic speed, where the fiber doesn’t reach too. This is what Eolo 100 promises, the new service of the telecommunication operator of Busto Arsizio which promises to bring Internet at an enormous speed anywhere in the country.

“In the last two years the services and consumption on the Internet have changed radically and from the use in research or to reading e-mails we have moved more massively to streaming; a change that have placed under pressure the networks,” explained Luca Spada, president and founder of Eolo, during the presentation of the new service in Gavirate.

“This is one of the very first municipalities where 10 years ago our service grew,” Spada remembers, “and so I like starting from here with the new presentation of Eolo’s network.” The province of Varese is in fact the first where Eolo decided to bring the 100 megabit service, a potentiality which will be available also for the old subscribers. To see if your municipality is covered by the new service you can click here.

The new Eolo network is based on a new technology, the Eolo Wave G. “Two years ago we began researching in our laboratories,” Spada continued, “and so we have realized a new wireless access service which allows, through new technologies, to have a service which is absolutely comparable and similar also outside the cities where the optic fiber is not available.” So if 10 years ago we talked about digital divide today the problem is the one of speed divide but in this one “once again Eolo fulfils his mission: bring the Internet also in little municipalities of the Italian province.”

Municipalities, for example, just like Gavirate. “We’re glad that Eolo offers us a better connection in all the town and for all our citizens,” explains Massimo Parola, deputy mayor of Gavirate, given that “thanks to this synergy between the public and the private, the middle school of Gavirate will have this service free for 5 years.” A no small change because, as David Arioli reminds, the institute’s principal, “as far as teaching is going, having the possibility to have a fast connection also in a small province town is essential because the risk of being cut off may bring large disadvantages to our students.

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