The famous artist is at work starting this morning, Monday 5th March, drawing on a big wall in the center of the town.

Andrea Ravo Mattoni, murales Leggiuno

A mural for Leggiuno made by Andrea Ravo Mattoni. The famous artist is at work starting this morning, Monday 5th March, drawing on one of the outer walls of the Senior Center.


A masterpiece will be drawn on a big wall, near Palazzo Comunale and visible to everybody passing through the town center. Andrea Mattoni is famous for his drawings both inside and outside the Italian borders (he has just finish working on a project commissioned by the Louvre of Paris). Working with his spray cans, he creates open-air museums by drawing, on the walls of towns, many classical masterpieces.

The first work of this kind was a piece from Caravaggio which he drew on a wall in Viale Belforte, following this, he made a number of murals in Angera at first and then all around Italy. Today the artist from Varese is at Leggiuno were the local administration has commissioned him to create this big drawing. The work will be done by the end of the week and it will consist of a copy of the “Martirio delle sante Rufina e Seconda” also known as the “pictures of the three hands”. An oil on board painted between 1622 and 1625 by the three great authors Giulio Cesare Procaccini, Pier Francesco Mazzuchelli known as “Morazzone” and Giovanni Battista Crespi known as “Cerano” and kept by the art gallery “Pinacoteca di Brera” in Milan.

As the drawings of Andrea Ravo Mattoni always do, also in this case, the chosen subject has a link with the area in which the mural is made as the original work is from one of the most important artist of the province of Varese: the “Morazzone”.

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