Karina Bikbulatova wins Riccardo Prina Prize 2018

The artist won the opinion of the panel with her work “Due parallele”

Selezionati i finalisti del Premio Riccardo Prina 2018

The winner of the 8th edition of Riccardo Prina Prize is Karina Bikbulatova with her work “Due parallele”.

The artist won the opinion of the panel, which was chaired by the film critic Mauro Gervasini, and composed of the photographer and video maker Marina Ballo Charmet, the editor and director of the Mousse Edoardo Bonaspetti, the photo collector and photographer Rudi Bianchi, the architect and designer Riccardo Blumer, Francesca Damiani Prina, the businesswoman and member of Amici della Triennale Carla De Albertis, the architect and photographer Marco Introini, the director of Premio Chiara, Bambi Lazzati, the curator Denise Sardo, the filmmaker, founder of La Nave di Teseo and director of La Milanesiana Elisabetta Sgarbi and the director of MAGA Museum of Gallarate Emma Zanella.

The photo was rewarded with the following explanation: “The young artist, by reversing almost the geometrical evidence caught by the camera, illustrates how, in the local geography, or perhaps in its metaphysic, two parallel lines could meet, intersect and blend. It occurs if they are not “straight lines”, but bodies. Riccardo Prina Prize 2018 was precisely assigned to the two young sisters, protagonists of the triptych of shots and to their game.”

Karina Bikbulatova (1995, Florence) awarded the money prize of 800 euros, which were donated by the Prina family, and the opportunity to hold a personal exhibition at the MAGA Museum of Gallarate during the spring 2019.

The photographic prize is organised by the Premio Chiara, in collaboration with Amici di Riccardo Prina Association, in memory of the distinguished photograph critic and journalist from Varese (1969-2010).

Maria Cristina De Paola with her work Human Landscapes awarded the “Jury Mention”, “for managing, with an innovative look, to catch the vital breath that fills empty places, which are only apparently desolated, making tremble natures that we would want to be dead, but they aren’t.”

Instead, the “Amici di Riccardo Prima Mention” was awarded to Luana Rigolli for “Linosa” since “she overturns the perspective, moves the focus, disorientates. She does not illustrate the migrants and their destinations, but the abandoned places and the remaining humanity. She tells a poignant story with a sensitive look, she gives a voice to gloomy instants and to lonely characters, which refer to a past that is gone.”

All finalist works are shown at the Galleria Ghiggini 1822 in Varese (via Albuzzi 17) until the next October 28, during the opening hours (from Tuesday to Saturday 10-12.30/16-19).

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