Van Gogh Alive, the experience

In a Swiss preview, the most visited multimedia exhibit in the world comes to Lugano with more than 7 million spectators. It is open every day, from the 14th November 2019 to the 19th January 2020, at the exhibition centre


Immerging into an Impressionist picture, “swimming” among colours, in a sea of video showings and incredible sounds is possible thanks to our multimedia exhibit, “Van Gogh Alive – The experience”. The exhibition, that is suitable for every age, comes to Lugano, for the first time in Switzerland, from 14th November 2019 to 19th January 2020.

Van Gogh’s life, figures and landscapes are the absolute protagonists of this immersive multimedia exhibition, dedicated to the great Dutch painter, who with his unique and unmistakable style, laid the foundations for modern art. Synchronised with a powerful and evocative soundtrack, more than 3,000 high-definition pictures will create an electrifying outfitting that will be on enormous screens, walls and columns, from the ceiling to the floor, immerging completely the visitor into the brilliant colours and into the intense details that distinguish Van Gogh’s style.

How? Thanks to SENSORY4TM, a unique system developed by Grande Exhibitions, that combines up to forty high-definition projectors with pictures and audios of cinematographic quality to produce one of the most exciting multimedia environment in the world. Thanks to the technology SENSORY4TM, the animations, the dimension of the screens and the visual plans let people appreciate the details of his works that otherwise cannot be seen and make “Van Gogh Alive – The experience” an unique event of its kind, that is appreciated by adults and children.

At “Van Gogh Alive- The experience” it will be possible to explore the life, the history and the works of the great master, to interpret his thoughts and his emotions, accompany Van Gogh in his wandering around Paris, Arles, Saint-Remy and Auvers sur l’Oise, so the places in which he created many of his masterpieces with no time and borders and to discover techniques of his painting in a lot of animated details that made the exhibition ”Van Gogh Alive- The experience”, the most visited in the world, with more than 7 millions spectators.

The exhibition will be open to the public every day (you can look on the website for the special days that will be completely devoted to schools).

GC Events, the organising and promoter of the event will offer many opportunities to the public of every age to enjoy this unmissable event at best: from the special Black Friday (scheduled for the 29th November with an half-price entry) to the nights in the museum with an extra opening until 11 p.m and to the dates completely devoted to children.

You can buy the tickets directly on-site, at the centre Centro Esposizioni di Lugano situated in the street Via Campo Marzio or with a pre-sale to avoid queuing online by searching the websites ,  and and offline at Manor, La Posta and Coopcity.

Less expensive prices for children and schools are included, schools have a privilege with exclusive entry time and packages that include free escorts to reinforce a new way of learning art and stimulating creativity, immerged into a wonderful world of sounds and colours.

GC Events, the promoting body of the event the presenting partner UBS and the technical partner EMME for the precious collaboration.

You can find further information on the official website, you can book a visit for schools/groups by writing to the mail address

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