The “fantastic” six of Newton awarded by Univa

The Association of Manufacturers has given the school-leaving certificate and a scholarship to students who have had a mark higher than 90 in their exam.

Andrea Cecconet, Carmine Sabia, Marco Capalbo, Antonio Renzo, Sonia Laino e Andrea Anaclerio: are the  “fantastic” six of Isis Newton in Varese awarded this afternoon by the chairman of association of Manufacturers Giovanni Brugnoli.

To do the honours of the house , at the Institute Isis Newton in Varese, the chairman Giuseppe Carcano who congratulated the excellent  newly-qualified students: “ The School leaving exam is difficult. Therefore the results of these students show a good college-preparatory and a persistence that certainly are honour to them.”

These six teenagers have collected  the certificate and a cheque for a scholarship (one thousand euros for the students that got 100 in the exam whereas for those that got 90 the cheque is 600 euros) that Univa has wanted to give as token of asteem for students that engage in and face the life with reliability and curiosity: “This result has to be for you a starting point” ,implored Mr. Brugnoli, chairman of Univa , “you have to take part in the real work world with curiosity and with the will to do things. Don’t stop and continuously have this desire to experiment and gro. Every experience will be part of your culture that nobody can  remove”.

An important message launched in an already rich soil as shown by the marks obtained during the last summer exam: Andrea Cecconet (score 91/100, Itis certificate in Mechatronics), Carmine Sabia (score 100/100, Itis certificate in Mechatronics), Marco Capalbo (score 100/100, Itis certificate in Mechanics), Antonio Renzo (score 95/100, Ipsia certificate Chemical and Biological engineering ), Sonia Laino (score 98/100,Ipsia certificate in Chemical and Biological engineering), Andrea Anaclerio (score 100/100 Ipsia certificate in Systems engineering): these are the awarded names.

The link between Univa and the Isis Newton is complicated: besides  the support with scholarships, the manufacturers have started up a communication channel between the academic and  work world so the students can know the working environments , starti stages or alternatives. Univa supports also the updating of laboratories of the institute .

«“ thank the Association of Manufacturers” , said the headmaster of ISIS Isaac Newton ,”for their willingness to support our best students in their difficult period of passage to the university studies and to the work world, during a period in which the uncertainty of the market seems to prevail over all. On the contrary, investing  in youth is a certainty, because it is the challenge of upbringing and education of new generations which will enable us to overcome the crisis that we are going through. Our territory depends on qualified students like you, on girls and boys who have chosen a technical college realising a precious investment for the future. At the end I underline my personal pleasure of finding you again at Newton, with your teachers that followed you with professional seriousness towards the excellent results, then certificated with the school leaving exam.”

Giovanni Brugnoli has also remembered the regional demand for professional and qualified people and the need for our economy to shake off that picture of a shortsighted country: “We like believing that the best ambitious results could be reached investing in youth and in education. Only like this can we help in the safeguard of the culture of ‘thinking’ and in the same time of ‘doing’. And really for this, today we award you: for inciting you to do more in the future. I want to give you a piece of advice: you have to extend the set of the knowledge because that property of knowledge that you have now  will quickly become obsolete.»


Today’s prize giving of the six students will take place in the “Club degli Istituti dell’Innovazione manifatturiera” Project to which the Association of Manufacturers agrees as member of the Club of the 15, the organisation that in the Italian Manufacturers’ Association represents the 17 territorial  associations of manufacturers in the provinces where there is the highest impact of the manufacturing  in the wealth produced at local level.

Pubblicato il 28 ottobre 2011
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