“No to Switzerland, we’re with Jamaica.”

The debate about the proposal of annexation to the country of reggae goes wild. Irony, sarcasm and a ton of comments.

Maybe we are a bit of a prankster, but let us remind you it is Monday and a bit of lightness

can be part of the bargain. We have picked up a piece of news that is growing popular in theNet and this has caused an uproar.

When it happens that in just a few minutes we have received so many comments and that the readers have shared the news in record time, we cannot look at it only with snobbery.

After all this beating about the bush, we are talking about the proposal of annexing

Lombardy to Jamaica. This morning we wrote about that a bit for fun, a bit seriously. Our

clear aim is starting a debate and mocking those who suggested the annexation to Switzerland.

Also, our friends write:

Andrea: are we kidding?? 4 us border workers the idea of being annexed to switzerland is already b******t… but being annexed to jamaica is good only for junkies… y don’t we get annexed to iraq while we’re at it!

Lara: we would also win a lot of gold medals in the next Olympic Games!

Enrico: in order to please everybody, let’s ask for a multiple annexation: to Switzerland, Jamaica and Mozambique!

Daniele: I propose the annexation to Costa Rica, that way Padania’s money are not going to fund the military expenses of the centralist state.

Florian: I propose the annexation to Malta! Temperate climate all year long, good food, a wonderful sea, nice and peculiar towns and located in the centre of the Mediterranean! What could you want more?

Daniele: oops, I just received an e-mail from Costa Rica’s President; he says he doesn’t want Padania’s toxic waste, and therefore the agreement can’t be made, unless we sign a specific treaty with the Grand Duchy of Naples to allow Padania’s business to flourish. Meanwhile, the thriving bank accounts and the foolproof credibility of Lombardy are ascertained through verifications at the referring bank, CREDIEURONORD.

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Pubblicato il 04 aprile 2012
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