“Lombardy, stop to lawlessness”

Umberto Ambrosoli, the candidate in the centre-left primaries for the upcoming regional elections, is interviewed in the Varesenews live broadcast.

Jobs, healthcare, the digital agenda, major works and legality. Umberto Ambrosoli, the candidate in the centre-left primaries for the regional elections, started with these topics, in an interview with the editor-in-chief Marco Giovanelli, during the Varesenews live broadcast.

This first programme with the candidates for the primaries will be followed by another, on 11 December, at 11.30 am, with Andrea Di Stefano, and on 13 December, 12.30 pm, a live Internet broadcast, with Alessandra Kusterman.

Ambrosoli touched on many aspects during the interview, but spoke particularly on the topic of jobs, “because it is by creating jobs that we can rebuild people’s faith in politics and in the government.”

“We have the opportunity to encourage new employment,” Ambrosoli explained, “but we must allocate funds and resources to the companies that are able to create work and to exploit the new opportunities that technologies provide.” This must be achieved, above all “by enabling development and innovation, by creating local and global opportunities, also by developing digital technologies.” According to Ambrosoli, these technologies are essential, even in relationships between the Regions and the people, “to cut bureaucracy, which paralyses development.”

Major works and legality

“We cannot afford not to arm ourselves with the suitable means to prevent criminal organisations from infiltrating major works,” Ambrosoli explained. “This is the kind of work that criminal organisations are accustomed to getting involved in. This doesn’t mean being afraid of doing things, but creating opportunities to produce new systems of control.”

The candidate for the primaries also spoke about the spread of organised crime in Lombardy. “We’ve reached the crazy situation of a region that, for over 20 years, refused to see reality, that has ended up with organised crime infiltrating the highest levels of government,” Ambrosoli said, referring to the recent scandals that have involved the Region. “Wherever there is organised crime, there is no growth, democracy or development, and this is why we must say stop to lawlessness.”

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Pubblicato il 10 dicembre 2012
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