VareseMusei, with a weekend of special events

The project, for which the Region has contributed €300,000, entails an online collaboration of 9 museums and cultural centres. It begins with three days of events.


VareseMusei is a new project that seeks to promote nine cultural centres and museums, situated between the lake and Sacro Monte. The network is starting with three days of special events, from 1-3 April.

“A significant financial contribution, of €300,000 to the project’s total cost of €526,000, has been made by my department, to invest in the cultural heritage of this area. The project in Varese is a winning one, because it highlights the local culture.” This was said by the Lombardy Regional Councillor for Culture, Identity and Self-Governance, Cristina Cappellini, during the presentation of the three days of special events, organised for 1-3 April, by “VareseMusei”, the network of museums in Varese, which took place at the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, in Masnago Castle, in Varese. The Mayor of Varese, Attilio Fontana, and the Councillor for Culture on Varese town council, Simone Longhini, were also present.

Last year, “VareseMusei” obtained a sum of €300,000 from the Region, as part of the Public Announcement for the selection of projects to promote the cultural heritage held in institutions and places of culture, in preparation for Expo 2015.

The project involves the UNESCO Site of Sacro Monte, the Municipal Archaeological Museum in Villa Mirabello, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Masnago Castle, the Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni Museum, the Pogliaghi Museum, the Monsignor Pasquale Macchi Centre, the Baroffio Museum and Sanctuary on Sacro Monte, in Varese, and the Sacro Monte Visitor Centre. The project entails collaboration between several cultural centres in the town, by the lake and on Sacro Monte, with the creation of an integrated ticket, common graphics and advertising, a video, maxi-screens and social media, and with an interface with Varese Smart City.

“The organisations involved in the ‘Lombardy Museum pass’, the regional card that I introduced last year that, for the price of an evening meal, allows you to visit the great majority of cultural centres in Lombardy, whenever you want, 365 days a year, have also joined the ‘VareseMusei’ network. This project is something we have believed and invested a lot in, and is receiving growing consensus, demonstrating the validity of our idea,” the Councillor concluded.

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