Switzerland expels foreigners who commit crimes

Fifty-three percent of voters voted in favour of the initiative by the rightwing UDC party. Away with those guilty of murder, robberies, human trafficking, rape and others crimes. The tax bill did not pass.

Switzerland has decided, voting “yes” to the referendary initiative to “expel foreigners who commit crimes” (All the results, canton by canton from the website Swissinfo.ch). The counterproposal put forward by the Parliament was rejected.

The results of the election which called the Swiss people to vote show that the initiative supported by the conservative right wing (the UDC party) divided the population, 52.9% voted “Yes” (1,398,360 votes), and 47.1% voted “No” (1,243,325 votes). The city of Basel and all of the French-speaking cantons, with the exception of the Valais, voted against the initiative.

As a result of the proposed amendment of the Constitution, any foreigners found guilty of committing a serious crime will be expelled from the country.

According to the proposal, the repeal of the permission to reside in Switzerland concerns the foreigners found guilty of murder, robberies, human trafficking, rape and other violent crimes. And any foreigners that have unduly received welfare or social security will suffer the same end. The ban from entering Swiss territory will last from 5 to 15 years, 20 years for repeat offenders. When the sentence becomes final, expulsion will be automatic.

The counterproposal to the initiative, which was also presented in this round of voting, and which was rejected by 53% of the electorate, also included expulsion, but it gave the judge the authority to decide case by case, as well as a series of other distinctions and extenuating circumstances.

The Swiss voters also rejected a proposal by the Socialist party to set a tax of 22% on the incomes of the richest people. And so, the system remains in force, whereby each canton establishes its own tax rates.

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Pubblicato il 30 novembre 2010
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