Here is the new Malpensa Terminal 2 Station

In the video, shot in October and December 2016, the completion work of the new Malpensa Airport Terminal 2 Station, new terminus of the railway line to the airport.

nuova ferrovia Terminal 2 Malpensa

The new site was created by SEA (while the T1 line was built by FNM): includes an access building on the surface, a raised parking area, a mezzanine level with different services (ticket offices, but also car rental offices and retail space), the platform level with four tracks. The station has also been designed in anticipation of a possible extension towards Gallarate and Casorate Sempione, on the Domodossola-Milan line (the intervention is still in the first phase of examination of the local authorities concerned), and it is connected to the terminal building by a walkway covered by a shelter.

The Malpensa T2 station will allow passengers to arrive by train directly to the terminal used by Easyjet: not coincidentally the preview for journalists and authorities, scheduled for 4th December, will participate Frances Ouseley, director of the British company for Italy.

From 11th December, the station will be served by all trains to Malpensa, Milan Cadorna, Milano Centrale and Bellinzona. The travel time between the two terminals is 5 minutes, the cost of the T1-T2 train ticket is €2 (instead the shuttles by bus will remain free between the two terminals).

Pubblicato il 09 dicembre 2016
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