Open Fiber and Municipality together for the ultra-wide band

Investment of about 12 million euros. Cabled building units will be around 31,000


Open Fiber has today signed an agreement with the Municipality of Varese for the realisation of an entirely fiber-optic ultra-wide infrastructure, allowing citizens and businesses to benefit from a connection speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second, both in download and in upload.

The company 50% managed by Enel and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti sees a direct investment of about 12 million euros for capillary coverage of the Lombard municipality, through a total of about 32 thousand kilometers of fiber optic. The construction is expected to start before the end of November, and the works will last about 18 months. The building units involved, between families and businesses, will be around 31 thousand.

Open Fiber will build fiber-optic infrastructure in Fiber to the Home mode (FTTH Fiber to Home), providing performance that cannot be achieved with copper (ADSL) or fiber/copper (FTTC) networks. The agreement also establishes the activities of digging and restoring for fiber-optic installation, as provided for in the 2013 Ministerial Decree. Open Fiber will use, where possible ,existing ducts and underground network infrastructure to minimize the impact of excavations on the territory and potential disruption for the community. Excavations will be made by privileging innovative sustainable and with a low environmental impact ways.

Open Fiber is a wholesale only operator: it does not sell fiber-optic services directly to the final customer, but is active exclusively in the wholesale market, offering access to all the market operators that are interested. The company aims to ensure the coverage of the major Italian cities with the intention of creating an ultra-wide band network as pervasive and efficient as possible, favoring the restoration of the “country’s system” competitiveness and, in particular, the evolution towards “Industry 4.0”. Thanks to Open Fiber fiber-optic houses, condos, schools, offices, businesses and facilities of the Public Administration will speed up the digitization process, simplifying and improving the relationship between citizens and P.A. and increasing productivity and competitiveness of businesses.

“A 100% fiber optic network which directly arrives in the houses of the citizens is able to definitively remove the Italian digital discrepancy and transform our cities enabling new services. According to influential studies, a 10% increase of the ultra-wideband is equivalent to a 1.5 points growth of GDP,” explains Antonio Chiesa, Lombardia Regional Manager of Open Fiber. “We thank the Municipality of Varese, with which we will start an information campaign for the citizens, for supporting from the start our project. To minimize the impact of the works we will make use of the existing infrastructures, where it is possible, and innovative digging techniques such as the micro trench  and the one-day dig.” 

“This is a project that will bring around 12 million euros of investments in Varese for the super-fast ultra-wideband connectivity in our city,” declared Andrea Civati, council member in Public works of the Municipality of Varese. “The fiber will be brought in the houses and companies of Varese. A further sign that our city has become desirable to investors who choose to come to Varese and in this case to bring here new generation technology which will bring benefit for all the citizens and the companies. In the next months Open Fiber will begin to place the new fiber in the city completing a detailed job also in the neighborhoods that will be finally reached by this possibility.”

“With this new project, we have a further evidence that Varese has decided to move forward the future and new technologies,” the deputy mayor Daniele Zanzi explained. “This innovation will not be only for the benefit of the single citizens, but also for the community. In fact, thank to this intervention it will be possible to increase furthermore the level of safety of our city, thanks to a detailed network of video surveillance in all the areas of Varese where it will be possible to connect exactly with the new fiber made available.

Thanks to the video surveillance systems it will also be able to check the traffic in real time.”

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