Forty years without Aldo Moro

That terrible day has been carved into the imagination and memory of people. Zamberletti and Adamoli tell who was the president of Christian Democracy.

statua monumento aldo moro maglie lecce

Aldo Moro’s body was found in the trunk of a Renault 4 parked in Caetani Street in Rome on May 9th of 40 years ago.

It had been 55 days since the day of his capture by the Red Brigades. Very long weeks that changed the Italian political life.

The President of the Christian Democracy was abducted on Friday 16 March in Fani Street in Rome by a commando of members who opened fire killing the five components of the escort of the President: the Marshal of the Carabinieri Oreste Leonardi, the lance-corporal Domenico Ricci, the Brigadier Francesco Zizzi, Agent Raffaele Jozzino and Agent Giuliano Rivera.

Aldo Moro was a politician and even a man of great inspiration for many young people involved in society and politics: This is how Giuseppe Adamoli remembers him:“Aldo Moro had the capacity to examine deeply all layers of society”

That terrible day has been carved in the imagination and in the memories of the people who at that time lived the apex of the dark season of Italian terrorism. Those who have lived those moments clearly remember what happened and what were the emotions experienced, as we have also seen among our readers.

Like Adamoli, also Giuseppe Zamberletti, former minister and “father” of the Italian civil Protection recalls his relationship with Aldo Moro:

His prison days shook the state that remained in equilibrium between the negotiations with the terrorists and the hard line.

The Moro case is a story full of mysteries that had important consequences on different levels but above all on the political one. In particular, the terrorist action was inserted, in fact putting an end, within the “historical compromise”, a political strategy of rapprochement between the Italian Communist Party and Italian democracy, or the PCI to the institutions of the State.

In these weeks, several specials have been released on the occasion of the forty years of that terrible year. On the evening of Tuesday, May 8, Rai aired a work by Luca Zingaretti entitled “55 Days Without Moro” that you can review on RaiPlay at this link.

Tonight, however, will air the second part of the fiction “Aldo Moro, the professor” with Sergio Castellitto at 21.25 on RaiUno, the first parts you can review at this link.

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