SWM Motorcycles at EICMA, with brand new 125s

At the International Exhibition dedicated to bicycles and motorcycles, the Biandronno company is focusing on small engines that are easy to use, whose performance is very suitable for local mobility

Swm presenta la nuova moto

SWM Motorcycles are presenting their 18 new models at EICMA (the International Exhibition of Bicycles, Motorcycles and Accessories), one of the world’s most prestigious exhibitions in this sector. SWM’s participation is also a great tribute to its territory of origin, which has always been a source of inspiration for achieving the best successes. At the same time, this choice will represent an expansion of the range, which effectively marks a new beginning.

In Hall 24 – I 83: 18 models for 2019 will be exhibited. In the classic range, the brand new 125s will be in the spotlight: the Gran Milano Outlaw and Ace of Spades. For the fans of off-road riding, there are versions of the SM 125 R – Factory and RS – 125 R – Factory.

So for SWM Motorcycles, the 2019 exhibition will be a special one; the company will be even bigger, thanks to the Fourth Platform of motorcycles, which starts with small engines that go up progressively in size. The exhibition will help to strengthen further an identity that is associated with great attention to local mobility. Hence the choice of focusing on small engines, which are easy to use and whose performance is suitable for local journeys. These are motorcycles that satisfy the riders’ aesthetic tastes, without neglecting performance. EICMA will also be an opportunity to give prominence to work whose objective is to create motorcycles that excite and that can ensure absolute tranquillity in the after-sales phase, a time that is always a cause of concern for any buyer.

With EICMA just around the corner, Ennio Marchesin (SWM Motorcycles’ Marketing and Communication Manager) outlines the road to the future. “SWM is becoming an even more interesting company for the market, given its range of motorcycles that suggests a production system that can provide the customer with increasing quality. It’s a sign of continuity and of growth, which we are giving to the market, but also a hope for even more solid confidence on the part of those who choose our motorcycles.”

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