Regional call for bids to promote the territory, Laveno Mombello project accepted

“Slow Lake: Coming Soon” is the project receiving funds of €8400 from the Regional Council.

The list of projects accepted for funding from the call for bids for the tourist promotion of Lombardy has been published in the Official Bulletin of Lombardy Region.

The measure, which was approved by a deliberation of Lombardy Regional Council, on a proposal from Lara Magoni, the Councillor for Tourism, Territorial Marketing and Fashion, was directed at public and private organisations.

There are 15 projects being funded in Lombardy, covering several provinces; Bergamo Province and Brescia Province each have 4, Lecco and Sondrio each have two, and Como, Cremona and Varese each have 1; the project in Varese Province is “Slow Lake: Coming Soon”, for Laveno Mombello.

GREAT RESPONSE – “The call for bids got a great response in terms of applications submitted,” Lara Magoni said. “Our goal was to give the territories the chance to be the protagonists. The rebirth of Lombardy must start again from the region’s highlights, and exploiting its heritage of art, culture, history and food and wine means emphasising the region’s unique characteristics. We’re going through a difficult time. This is why we wanted to give a strong signal, by supporting the best proposals from all over Lombardy, with a decentralised approach to marketing the territory.”

The funded projects respond to the objective of Lombardy’s campaign (“Vorrei che la vedessi come me, tutti i giorni” – “I’d like you to see it as I see it every day”), to market the region as a tourist destination, with the production and/or readjustment of the associated communication materials and media planning activities.

IMPORTANT – “We are working to keep the attention focused on the beauty of Lombardy, and to express recognisability using a single graphical concept with a coordinated and homogeneous language,” Magoni added. “The campaign seeks to promote and make the most of all of the territories, and is being created together with them, in order to generate a coordinated presentation of the artistic, landscape, food and wine attractions of our varied region. As well as continuing the communication, training those who work in the tourism sector also plays an important role, and is one of the cornerstones of getting business going again in a sector that has a high concentration of human capital, in which the ability to create relationships is one of the essential factors in attracting tourists.”



The goal is to help Laveno-Mombello find its place in the new context of tourism marked by Covid-19. The project seeks to increase the attractiveness of the “inLombardia” campaign, by previewing parts of the communication strategy of the project, “Slow Lake, l’antica gentilezza del lago” (“Snow Lake, the ancient kindness of the lake”). Funds allocated: € 8400


Translated by Sara Mentasti, Adriana Elena Bocse and Vittoria Bonanomi

Reviewed by Prof. Rolf Cook

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Pubblicato il 05 Dicembre 2020
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