Matteo, a man who walks for charity

It is called "5 cent per km" and it is the charity initiative by Matteo Raimondi from Busto Arsizio, who collects donations from his blog. "Assign 5 cents to your association for each km that I walk." The donations are more than 40

Matteo runs and every km he covers is a 5 cent coin that drops into a moneybox. It is called "5 cent per km" the initiative of the athlete from Busto Arsizio Matteo Raimondi, a man that has come a long way each year, especially by running and helping at the same time no profit associations that need to be funded to be operating. This initiative started almost as a joke on his blog, and now around thirty people joined and are assigning a 5 cent coin every km covered by Matteo during race events or his trainings. Other friends are participating by doing the same thing as Matteo, but they base themselves on the km that they have covered from the beginning of the year.
The creator of this project refreshes his blog with a daily table with the covered kms. On the 9th April, Matteo happens to have covered 792 km that if multiplied for the 5 cents given by the 27 people that up to know have joined make €984.42, which have been donated to many associations since the 1 January.  They are, of course, small amounts but the more people that join the more the given sum of money will increase.  As written by Matteo on his blog, the choice of the association to which you assign your money is totally free, what it is important is that they should have a social aim and they should be useful in helping people in need.  Other 14 people are doing it, but they are calculating their own covered km and gathering donations of €301. So, the funds given are €1285.57 in all.
How to join – It is enough to send an e-mail with your own name and the association to which you want to assign the sum of money that will accrue from the km that Matteo is going to cover during 2012.  The banner of the association and the name of the donor will be inserted on the blog page sideways (below), so that also other readers of the blog can know the association that has been supported.  Or you can also just send an e-mail in which you write "I join" and hide the name of the association you want to help. "Or you can also tell me nothing about it and follow the initiative secretly as well.  Our aim, in fact, is to help those who support us despite the current period of crisis and all this is done through our favourite passions: running" wrote Matteo.
They are already 22 the associations that appear on the initiative-related blog page and they are extremely dissimilar from each other.  Those who are running for that association appear in every banner.

Pubblicato il 10 aprile 2012
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