Finmeccanica, immediate judgment for Orsi and Spagnolini, but investigations continue

A supplement of investigation has been obtained for the second presumed bribe, involving the other consultant Chris Michel and the supposed part for Lega Nord. Fusco is working for closing the Indian bribe event as soon as possible

Tomorrow is going to be registered the application for immediate judgment for Giuseppe Orsi, Finmeccanica former president and Bruno Spagnolini, Agusta Westland former president. They were arrested on the 12th February in the inquiry about the presumed bribes, through wheeler-dealers Guido Hascke and Carlo Gerosa, through some Indian air force officials in order to contract for the construction of 12 presidential helicopters destined to New Delhi government members. District attorney Eugenio Fusco’s strategy is to rapidly close the chapter of Indian 28-million-euro bribe in order to focus on the supplement of investigation granted by preliminary investigations judge on other two lines: the further line on corruption through the other brokering figure Chris Michel and the presumed part that have gone to Lega Nord.  The power of attorney also wants to keep on dealing with this last part, considering the large amount of gathered documents too (more than 130 ring binders, editor’s note).


Giuseppe Orsi will leave Busto Arsizio jail on the 4th May and, after last 27th February questioning, Fusco did not hear him anymore . Hascke and Gerosa’s situation is different: for the first one, who is both Italian and American citizen, the extradition is closer and closer. For Gerosa, who is also a Swiss citizen, obtaining the extradition is more difficult and probably he will be judged by Swiss judiciary. Investigation appointed magistrate and Noe carabineers’ work went on during these weeks. Preliminary investigations judge Luca Labianca will prove the sustainability of the alleged crimes (international corruption, editor’s note).

Pubblicato il 02 maggio 2013
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